Top 5 new products of electronic cigarettes in 2018

An electronic cigarette has become just as commonplace as a classic, only between them there are many differences. The first thing to note is the reduction of harm to health. Reviews of smokers say that e-cigarettes help smoothly get rid of nicotine addiction. In addition, a good electronic cigarette brings less harm to others, because the inhaled vapor is not as toxic as tobacco smoke, moreover, most often it has a pleasant fragrance. For those who want to choose a new e-cigarette or try this device for the first time, it will not be superfluous to get acquainted with popular manufacturers and models. We present the ranking of electronic cigarettes in 2018, which included only the best new items.

Best Vape Manufacturers

The choice of the best e-cigarette company is based on several criteria at once: reliability,quality and cost of service. The most expensive vape can differ from the cheapest vape only by the manufacturer and a few non-critical functions. Therefore, before starting the review of the best models, we consider the top 5 best manufacturers of electronic cigarettes.

  1. Aspire. At the mention of this brand of electronic cigarettes, many fans of vape with experience will join the positive feedback from users who have tried the company's products for the first time. Attractive design, interesting affordable price and long service life - this is what forces you to purchase products of this brand again and again.
  2. Eleaf. The second brand represented in today's ranking. “Elif” never loses in comparison with its direct competitor, which was mentioned above. This is no less reliable budget option, which is best suited for beginners. Intuitive control and simple design make it easy to get comfortable with the device. A high degree of reliability is a guarantee that the device will last the entire period stated by the manufacturer.
  3. Joyetech. The most popular models differ from competitors by clear advantages, which are their business card.The company represents the largest selection of wipes from the top five. Good equipment and unusual colors are the advantages of the brand "Joytich." Inexpensive consumables are an additional incentive in favor of choosing the products of this particular manufacturer.
  4. Jwell Quality electronic cigarettes from a time-tested manufacturer. The optimum ratio of price and quality.
  5. KangerTech. Another well-known brand from the top five, producing high-quality expensive electronic cigarettes. Products of this company differ from direct competitors in their premium status and noble appearance. High reliability of the brand is well known to all its fans.

5. Aspire Premium Kit

Opens the top five e-cigarette set from Espire. Included in the package is the cigarette itself, filters, liquid and charging, connected via a mini-USB connector. The average cost of the entire set of 5990 rubles. Consumables for this model are quite cheap, for example, the evaporator will cost the buyer only 195 rubles. Given that it lasts for quite a long time, we can talk about significant savings.

 Aspire premium kit

New powerful electronic cigarettes are equipped with a battery mod SubOhm, which can be purchased separately at a price of 2790 rubles.

Using this cool vap is easy and simple. Assembling a gadget takes quite a bit of time, and the pleasant sensations from its use will last much longer. A great solution for anyone looking for quality. at a reasonable price. Recommended for a wide range of vapers. High build quality confirmed by many users. The design of the device and its dimensions make it easy to keep the device with you, giving in to your favorite activity over a cup of coffee or during leisure. The model turned out to be balanced and already at the start has all the most necessary for high-quality vape.

  • stylish and modern look;
  • comfortable dimensions, you can carry everywhere;
  • good equipment, in the presence of all necessary;
  • convenient packaging for storage and transportation;
  • powerful charger;
  • relatively inexpensive consumables;
  • good body assembly.
  • for lovers of powerful vaping, there may not be enough traction, the device lacks power;
  • the battery module is quite expensive;
  • case transparency;
  • no display.

Prices Aspire premium kit:

4. Eleaf iJust S

The novelties of the electronic cigarettes of 2018 were supplemented with a model from “Elif”. Time-tested manufacturer offering devices at affordable prices. The cost of this set is only 1690 rubles. Filling with liquid happens from above. Separate praise deserves high capacity batterywith a capacity of 3000 mAh. Many users have noted an improvement in the location and density of the landing of the active button, thanks to which it has become more pleasant to use an electronic cigarette. The button itself responds much better to pressing than the previous model line. Universal diameter 24.5 mm provides synchronization with a large number of current models of atomizers. The manufacturer also worked on the evaporator. Thanks to the new design of the holes that have become wider (0.18 ohm), the flow of the liquid becomes more intense, due to which abundant vaporization occurs. One of the best wipes to date for beginners "bathers".

 Eleaf iJust S

  • capacious battery;
  • convenient button press;
  • universal thread diameter of the atomizer;
  • high degree of reliability;
  • strong and beautiful body;
  • affordable price;
  • increased steam generation.
  • the package does not have all the necessary;
  • incorrect operation of the charger;
  • no protective cover.

Prices Eleaf iJust S:

3. Joyetech EVic VTC Mini 75TC with TRON-S

In third place is the famous brand "Joytich" with his hit. The proposed model is a long-lived and has all the necessary characteristics in order to be considered one of the best electronic cigarettes. The cost of a set of 4990 rubles.

Power devices as much as 75 watts, and this is a very good indicator. The device deserves the title of “the most powerful vape” of today's rating.

 Joyetech EVic VTC Mini 75TC with TRON-S

There are more and more smokers in the world who prefer e-cigarettes to regular ones, and many of them will appreciate the high technical capabilities of the model. Firmware apparatus, if desired, can be replaced. Using titanium and nickel coils gives a clear advantage in the form of additional temperature control. The device is protected from accidental overheating by the built-in automatic locking system. The body is made of solid metal, its weight is only 120 grams. Compact dimensions, so that the device comfortably lies in the hand.

  • high technology;
  • power;
  • software can be changed;
  • built-in protection system;
  • weight and dimensions;
  • solid metal housing;
  • convenient to change the battery.
  • cost of consumables;
  • sizes larger than standard electronic cigarettes;
  • No protective case included.

Prices Joyetech EVic VTC Mini 75TC with TRON-S:

2. Philip Morris IQOS

The second place is occupied by the Philip Morris Corporation, which recently presented its new product. This electronic cigarette is a kind of hybrid between a classic vape and a traditional analogue.. But at the same time, it differs from the paper analog of the set, and first of all it is the heating temperature. In a smoldering cigarette, the temperature can reach 800 degrees, and in IQOS it is reduced to 350. There is no more ash, and the smoke itself is less dense and saturated. It contains less tar and carcinogens, so it is less harmful to others. The design is quite standard, compact dimensions. The only thing that is a little confusing is the average price of a gadget at 7 thousand rubles. If you do not take into account this drawback, then the device easily falls into the category of the best wipes of 2018.

 Philip Morris IQOS

  • environmental friendliness;
  • reliability;
  • proven brand;
  • strong body;
  • low heating temperature;
  • stylish appearance.
  • bulky case;
  • expensive consumables;
  • not economical.

Prices Philip Morris IQOS:

1. Kanger Nebox 60W

Today's top electronic cigarettes are top 5. Kanger Company presents its high-performance device with a maximum power of up to 60 watts. Output voltage up to 9 V. The heating temperature ranges from 300 to 100 degrees. Atomizer is built in, with the possibility of maintenance, its volume is 10 ml. The body is made of quality steel, the weight of the device is 162 grams. With the cost of a set of 3490 rubles, it can be argued that this is the best vape in today's rating. The optimum ratio of price and qualitywhich most users will definitely like. Cheap consumables and thick steam, which does not contain impurities, are a clear and undeniable advantage when compared with other models.

  • low cost per set;
  • beautiful body;
  • fast charge;
  • can be used in computer connection mode;
  • high power;
  • proven brand;
  • reliability;
  • serviced atomizer.
  • not all nozzles are suitable for an atomizer;
  • the cost of some consumables is quite high;
  • no protective bumper in the configuration.

Prices Kanger Nebox 60W:


In this top-5 models were presented that are in great demand among various segments of the population.Electronic cigarette is gaining popularity, so in the future we can only expect an increase in the market for these gadgets, as well as their technological evolution.

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