What can be cooked in a double boiler

Those who, for whatever reason, chose the path of healthy eating, should learn more about the properties of the steamer. What can be cooked in this kitchen technique, how to cook and how to give the dishes a special taste. All these questions we will consider in today's article.

And tasty, and appetizing

Versatility is the main advantage of a double boiler, because it is subject to the preparation of any product: vegetables and fruits, meat and fish, cereals and eggs. In addition, you can warm up lunch, defrost and preserve culinary products, sterilize children's dishes and even give new life to stale bread.

 Double boiler

What is good double boiler?

  • In contrast to the classic cooking methods, steaming exposes products to non-aggressive thermal effects, as a result of which the vitamins in them remain whole.
  • The natural color, shape and consistency of the ingredients is preserved - the dishes can boast not only useful properties, but also an appetizing appearance.
  • Eliminates the likelihood of the formation of hazardous substances, as often happens when frying in butter and baking in the oven.

How to cook

If the double boiler is multi-level, then it can be steamed several dishes at the same time. At the same time, products that “reach” quickly should be placed in the upper part, and those that are long in the lower part. If you fill all the baskets with ingredients, then be prepared for the fact that cooking will take much longer than usual.

 Young woman cooks in a double boiler

Note: the juice produced during the cooking process can be used as a sauce for dishes.

Before filling the steamer with ingredients, fill its base with water. on 2/3 volume and bring to a boil. Place the products in baskets in a single layer, after cutting them into equal slices and slices. Smaller ingredients should be placed in the upper basket, larger ones in the lower one.

On the readiness of dishes double boiler will notify beep. However, if there are a lot of ingredients in the baskets, it is better to control this process yourself, in order to prevent their digestion.

Try not to open the lid too often - this will contribute to the leakage of steam and increase the cooking time.

What not to do

Despite the versatility of the double boiler, some products should not be subjected to damp heat. Among them:

  • Pasta. Especially those that are made of soft wheat varieties. However, you can use for this purpose a special tank in a double boiler, into which water is poured. Steam will heat the water, and macaroni will cook in the traditional way, but not in boiling water, but under the action of high temperatures. But this method has a significant disadvantage - in 9 cases out of 10 pasta are boiled soft and become unpresentable.
  • Legumes (beans, peas). The process of their preparation can not be imagined without the participation of water. You can boil the beans for a couple (again in that special tank), but it will have to spend a lot of time and effort: periodically add water to the device and empty the drain pan in which condensate will collect. In the end, you will see that legumes cooked in a double boiler and cooked in a conventional saucepan are identical in taste.
  • Mushrooms. From these products, during normal cooking (in water), toxic compounds are removed (digested). Therefore, steamed, they can be harmful to health.

 Bookmark products in a double boiler

Culinary Tricks

The people had the opinion that the steamer dishes are healthy, but tasteless. However, with the help of simple manipulations, you can give them a special flavor sound:

  • Add some salt to the water, and the taste of boiled vegetables will be better.
  • To improve the taste of poultry, fish or meat, pickle them a few hours before cooking.
  • Cover the bottom of the perforated container with foil, and your recipe will find a special juiciness.
  • Cut fish, meat and vegetables into equal pieces, so the dish will be cooked much faster.
  • To give the dish, which is prepared in the uppermost container, a special flavor, add seasoning, wine or lemon zest to boiling water.

 Adding seasoning to a double boiler

  • Cooking vegetables with peel will help to keep a maximum of useful substances in them.
  • The larger the vegetables are cut, the more vitamins will be left in them.
  • Frozen vegetables can be laid in a double boiler, without defrosting, but meat, poultry and fish should be defrosted beforehand.
  • In order to allow steam to circulate freely, the layout of the products should not be too dense.

 The girl cooks in a double boiler

In a double boiler, you can cook stews and stuffed peppers, desserts and casseroles, scrambled eggs and vegetable cutlets. This is an indispensable in the household appliances, especially for those who have decided to adhere to proper nutrition.

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