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Rare modern kitchen does without double boiler. This happens because it is a useful, and often completely indispensable, device for preparing tasty and healthy food. Steamed food is known to retain most of its beneficial properties. Let's try to figure out which devices are the best based on the rating of the best quality steam boilers.

10. SUPRA FSS-201

Opens our rating steamer famous brand SUPRA. Its cost is 1090-1788 p. The budget solution, a good option for those who prefer to save and not chasing the presence of many functions. All the most useful here. Mechanical control with timer (up to 60 minutes with automatic shut-off), a two-tier block-container, on indicator and off function when boiling water. The body is made of glossy plastic.Steam containers are made of transparent material. The volume of the container for the liquid is 700 ml.


  1. Affordable price.
  2. Reliability (judging by the reviews of readers).
  3. The quality of the prepared food.
  4. The noise level at work.
  5. Automatic shut-off in case there is not enough water.
  1. No display.
  2. Do not add water during cooking.
  3. No thermostat.
  4. No delayed start.

Prices SUPRA FSS-201:

9. Braun FS 3000

With a price tag of 3990 to 7990 p. The device from the brand "Brown" is able to convince the owner that the double boiler is not in vain are so popular. With the functionality, according to numerous reviews of the owners, everything is fine here. Device is bunk, with mechanical control adjustments. Its power is 850 W, which is enough for comfortable work. The timer is standard, up to 60 minutes, with the ability to turn off. There is a beep option after completion of the work, which is very useful. The on indication is made in the form of a classic bright LED. The case of glossy plastic is pleasant to the touch. Steam baskets made of opaque plastic. The volume of the rice bowl is 2 liters. A nice bonus is the presence of the option "fast steam".

 Braun FS 3000

  1. Brand quality from a reputable manufacturer.
  2. Device design.
  3. The presence of a beep.
  4. Large rice bowl.
  5. Convenient device management.
  6. High power double boiler.
  1. There is no hole for boiling eggs.
  2. No display.
  3. Do not add water during cooking.
  4. No delayed start.

Prices Braun FS 3000:

8. Zauber X-570

The wonderful model of 2016 rightfully takes its place in our review. The average price of this device is 2731 p. Given the characteristics, we can safely say that the closest price competitors significantly lose in the Zauber steamer. Let's start with the fact that the number of tiers here 3, not 2as we used to.

Instead of mechanical adjustments, the double boiler is equipped with an electronic control unit.

The power is an acceptable 700 W, the power indication is also present. A feature of this model is a stainless steel case. Steam baskets are made of all the same opaque plastic. There is a rice container and a removable grill. The steel used in the assembly of the hull is “food grade” and meets all hygienic standards.

 Zauber X-570

  1. The presence of the display.
  2. High-quality and stylish steel case.
  3. Recipe book that comes in the kit.
  4. Good grade.
  5. Affordable price.
  6. Reliability of the device, which will certainly please both experienced and inexperienced users.
  1. Very short power cord.
  2. There are complaints about loss of tightness in the area of ​​some seals.
  3. Complicated instruction manual.
  4. No backlight display.

Prices Zauber X-570:

7.Tefal VC 3008 Steam’n’light

Many of our country know the brand Tefal. He has established himself as a manufacturer that cares about the health of his customers. Steamer of this series is no exception, it continues to carry the philosophy of environmental friendliness and safety in our kitchens. In the sale of the device can be found at a price of from 7000 to 8490 p. Given the characteristics and capabilities of the device, pricing questions do not arise. 3 tiers, electronic control unit, high power up to 900 W, a convenient timer in increments of up to one hour and the presence of a switch-on indication provide the steam cooker with basic characteristics. But what makes it special? The best devices, as a rule, are made of high-quality material, and this unit is no exception, the plastic of the case is moderately elastic, smooth and strong here. Steam baskets, unlike competitors, are made of transparent plastic.

 Tefal VC 3008 Steamnlight

  1. Automatic cooking function 6 dishes.
  2. Full thermostat.
  3. The possibility of compact storage.
  4. Molds for baking confectionery.
  5. Defrost function.
  6. The ability to cook frozen foods.
  7. Device design.
  1. Lack of display.
  2. Some rubber seals do not adhere tightly to plastic parts (in rare cases).
  3. Plastic parts (latches, etc.) quickly fail.
  4. If even one pallet fails, the device can no longer be used.

Prices Tefal VC 3008 Steam’n’light:

6. Philips HD9140

Consider in more detail the steamer from Philips. Its average price is 7000 p. According to many users of this model, it is the optimal ratio of consumer characteristics in relation to the price. Judge for yourself: 3 tiers, electronic control unit, power 900 W, sound indication of the end of work, shutdown when boiling water. The body is made of plastic and food grade stainless steel. Steam baskets are transparent. The water packaging is not very big - only 1.1 liters. A bowl for rice cereal is also smaller than competitors' models: 1.2 liters, but this is quite enough.

 Philips HD9140

  1. Several removable grids included.
  2. The presence of the display.
  3. There is a thermostat.
  4. Long power cord.
  5. Low weight (2.3 kg).
  6. Option Flavor Booster, giving the dish a special flavor.
  7. Indication of the need for descaling.
  1. No delayed start.
  2. The designations on the buttons are quickly erased.
  3. The fat released from food when cooking falls into the lower tray.

Prices Philips HD9140:

5. Ladomir 502K

The rating of the best would be incomplete without the domestic Ladomir steamer. This is a budget solution (price 1140 p.), Having on board everything you need: 2 tiers, a mechanical control unit. Power up to 400 watts. Delayed timer, power indicator light and cooking signal. The body is assembled from high-quality of stainless steel, the volume of the container for water is 0.5 l, there is a liquid indicator

 Ladomir 502K

  1. Affordable price.
  2. Stainless steel case.
  3. Developed warranty (and post-warranty) service.
  4. Excellent quality of food obtained during cooking.
  5. Strong and durable packaging for liquids and products.
  1. There is no display and electronic control unit.
  2. There is no “quick steam” function.
  3. Quick start is also missing.
  4. The budget model does not include a thermostat.

Prices Ladomir 502K:

4. Stadler Form Steamer One SFS.900

A good and reliable steamer from a famous brand of kitchen appliances.It combines all the best qualities of eminent manufacturers: reliability, environmental friendliness and economy. The average price tag for this model starts from 8990 p.

Steamer SFS.900 compares favorably with competitors with a capacity of 2000 watts. And the tiers here are 3, against 2 ordinary.

The control unit is electronic with a timer function and indication of work. The body is made of solid plastic interspersed with metal elements. There is a thermostat and automated cooking. 7 dishes.

  1. Reliability.
  2. The quality of the body, the fit of all parts.
  3. There is a "quick steam" function.
  4. Power cord of convenient length.
  5. Off function when boiling water.
  6. There is a bowl for rice and other cereals.
  1. The automatic cooking function does not always work correctly.
  2. In some instances, the cover rim cracks.
  3. Because of the design of the side is not always convenient to pour water.

 Stadler Form Steamer One SFS.900

"Pros. Qualitatively made metal bottom at trays, holes at the edges deserve special attention. They are not clogged with food debris, crumbs and very convenient to wash.

Minuses. Broke very quickly.

It was used only a few times, and the heating element failed, although the backlight works.I had to pass in the repair! "

Nadezhda, 38 years old

Prices Stadler Form Steamer One SFS.900:

3. BORK F700

Three leaders open steam boiler from a reputable manufacturer. This model is not a budget: its average cost is 14,990 p. The model is not multi-tiered (it is here 1) and is equipped with an electronic control unit. The power of the device is whole 1600 watts, and in the timer there is an automatic shutdown function. The device boasts a volume water tank (4.5 liters) and a rice bowl (1.5 liters). Automatic cooking is limited here. 7 recipes. There is a thermostat and three independent cooking zones that are managed separately. The control unit has a memory function.

  1. You can cook 3 different dishes at once.
  2. You can add water at any time.
  3. High-quality body materials.
  4. Interesting and concise design.
  5. There is heating after cooking.
  6. High reliability.
  1. After cooking, it turns out that not only the container is soiled, but also the tank and the pan.
  2. Inconvenient to wash.
  3. Quite large dimensions, inconvenient to store.
  4. Over time, containers can crack.

 BORK F700

“Dignity. I like the possibility of topping up the water.Three separate containers allow you to cook three different dishes at once. Special thanks for the cups in which you can cook soups.

Disadvantages. Alas, but there is no delayed start. When we go with the child to the street, I would like to use a timer! ”

Anna, 31 years old

Prices BORK F700:

2. Scarlett SC-142

This model does not quite reach the title of the best automatic steamer, but it also deserves attention. The price tag is one of the main advantages of this device (3906 p.). For this price, the user gets all the essentials that can only be in a double boiler: two-tier division, mechanical control unit, high power (800 W), convenient and functional timer with shutdown function, and also a sound signal and light indication of work. Included in the delivery are interchangeable baskets and a bowl for cereals.

 Scarlett SC-142

There is a function of "quick steam", it is designed to "sweeten" the lack of a full thermostat.

  1. Compact storage function.
  2. Low weight (1.6 kg).
  3. Strong case and attractive design of the device.
  4. Low power consumption.
  5. High reliability.
  6. Acceptable cost.
  1. There is no power cord storage tray.
  2. Inconvenient pallet.
  3. Some parts of plastic quickly fade, tarnish and turn yellow.

Prices Scarlett SC-142:

1. Beaba Babycook

The best double boiler of our rating. With a price of 6899-12450 p. the device works according to the 2 in 1 principle, successfully combining the functions of a double boiler and blender. Despite the mechanical control unit and only one tier, the device with a power of 350 W shows excellent cooking results. He is subject to and fresh vegetables, and meat, and fish, and side dishes. Steam baskets are made of transparent plastic. This model rightfully occupies the very first line in the ranking.

  1. Value for money-functionality.
  2. High reliability.
  3. Interesting design and color scheme.
  4. Blender function.
  5. Excellent quality of the prepared dishes.
  6. Low power consumption.
  7. Simplicity of design.
  1. No thermostat.
  2. Expensive consumables (in case of failure).
  3. There is no beep.

“Dignity. For 8 months now I have been cooking on it every day. No problem, trouble free operation. Large container, compact. The general program lasts 15 minutes, during this period fish or meat, as well as some vegetables, have time to get ready.

Disadvantages. For some reason, there is no sound alert about cooking, just a quiet click beforeas the device turns off. In addition, the light goes out after a click, and if the device is not turned off, it will again cook the same dish. ”

Maria, 27 years old.

Prices Beaba Babycook:


We considered a number of devices operating in different ways and having different characteristics. A variety of models suggests that there are plenty to choose from in the market, but which steamer is better to decide, of course, for the buyer. Have a nice shopping!

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