What does “secure smartphone” mean?

High-tech and comfortable modern smartphone is quite fragile. Even if there were no cracks on the screen after falling to the floor, there is no insurance against typical electronic device faults. A speaker or other hardware unit may fail. This has always been confronted by people engaged in dangerous professions, sportsmen, or simply inattentive characters, whose phone is constantly slipping out of their hands. For these categories of consumers create secure smartphones.

What do the classes of protection mean?

There is a general standardization of degrees of protection against water and dust. It is on the alphanumeric code in the specifications of the model you need to pay attention if you want to buy a non-killed device. Today, smartphones that are protected from water and dust can meet the following standards.

  1. IP54 - true for almost all smartphones. Therefore, manufacturers may not indicate compliance with this standard in the documentation. According to the specification, a good smartphone will work, even if some water or dust gets inside the case.
  2. IP56 have relatively waterproof smartphones. Dust can get inside their case without affecting the operation of the device. At the same time, models waterproof by this standard can be used even if it is raining outside and the owner goes without an umbrella.
  3. IP57 have smartphones with incomplete protection against water. The average device of this class has interfaces, protected by covers and overlays, and easily withstands a short-term drop in water. IP57-protected smartphones can be exposed to a continuous stream of water. However, a waterproof smartphone will withstand such conditions for a short time.
  4. IP67 means almost the maximum technical protection of the smartphone. This is the most convenient class of devices for the average user.Such waterproof smartphones withstand a continuous flow of water or dive to a depth of one meter for 30 minutes. They also have shells that prevent dust from entering.
  5. The last, highest standard of protection - IP68. It is with this characteristic is to choose a secure smartphone. It is necessarily performed in a sealed enclosure, can withstand immersion under water, is indifferent to showers and dust storms. With this protection can be sold as a tourist smartphone, and a model for extreme conditions of extreme severity.

Important! Not all manufacturers honestly strive to match their products to the IP68 standard. For example, an inexpensive smartphone in a secure case may have protective covers on connectors and interfaces. Another model may have speakers that deteriorate after the ingress of water. Super protected smartphones often have a special design of ports, loudspeakers, to prevent moisture from entering the case.

How to choose a smartphone for use in extreme conditions

People who want to buy a protected smartphone of a new generation have different requirements for the device.The average tourist wants to simultaneously show off the stylish appearance of the phone, get a slim body and be able, roughly speaking, to drop the device in a puddle.

 Phone in a puddle

People with difficult professions have more requirements. They want to have a smartphone, protected from shock and water, that is, in the literal sense unkillable phone. This is a separate class of devices. Shock-resistant smartphone, protected from water and dust, often can not boast of record-breaking performance, but in return guarantees operability in almost any conditions.

If you want to choose an armored smartphone, you need to pay attention to a few key features of such a device.

  1. The smartphone, protected from shock and water, will have not only IP68 protection class, but also special perimeter pads. They dampen shocks, reducing the resulting acceleration and force.
  2. The model with a removable battery must have bolted back cover. It is located on the sealing rubber gasket. A device of this class can be with a battery of 10,000 mAh, which will provide an extremely long battery life.
  3. A good shockproof smartphone necessarily has screen protection glass Gorilla Glass. The thickness of this layer is higher than the average models for easy use.

 Shockproof smartphone

The most durable smartphone necessarily provides several types of effects. For example, the usual linear bumper made of rubber protects the device from falling on the end or flat. But it does not protect against strikes falling on a small area. Therefore, an anti-shock smartphone in a secure case is surrounded by a complex overlay-bumper. It is made of rubber and has steel elements. The task of the latter is to distribute the force of a point effect over a large area. As a result, the shock-resistant smartphone can withstand falling onto the surface with difficult terrain.

Who manufactures secure mobile phones

Today, dust-proof smartphones offer many brands. IP68 standard correspond to Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, Sony Xperia Z5 and lots of other models. Unfortunately, the desire for attractiveness of the final price for the consumer leads to savings on protection. Therefore, there is a lot of controversy about according to the latest generation of flagships water protection standards. The reason for this is simple: manufacturers deliberately silent, do not call a specific standard,saying only about the opportunity to talk under heavy rain.

 Samsung galaxy s7

Some flagship manufacturers are more honest. For example, Huawei uses special design 3.5 mm minijacks and charging interfacesindifferent to water and excluding its penetration into the body. But still the choice of a protected smartphone is better to do in terms of the parameters, based on the opinion of the expert community. There are even enthusiasts who conduct field tests of individual models.

Important! In the segment of devices for real extremes, it is rare to find thin, record-breaking performance, stylish dust and moisture-proof smartphones. Here are presented rather bulky, heavy models. However, these devices are really designed for serious loads and complex effects of negative environmental factors.

Considering the market of models for people of difficult professions, you can even find smartphones with walkie talkie. However, many manufacturers of secure devices are paying attention to the mass market. Here you can buy a shock-resistant, dustproof and waterproof smartphone with a good processor, screen, amount of memory.Among the recognized market leaders, competition has been going on for a long time, leading to continuous improvement in the quality of offers.

 Smartphone with walkie talkie


This brand, founded by a number of German and European concerns, managed to win the title of the manufacturer of top-end protected smartphones. Models from AGM is a repository of modern technologies, from working with several SIM and productive processors, to dual main cameras, supporting fast charging.

At the same time, phones are not afraid of anything. They are protected from water and dust, comply NATO Army Standards MIL-STD-810Gtotal IP68. Phones can be dropped on concrete from a height of up to 1.8 meters, they are not afraid of vibration, critical cooling or a sharp rush of temperature. The cost of the models starts from 13,000 rubles.



A company that produces popular and well-known secure smartphones. They are not afraid of anything literally. Water and dust are little things for these monsters.

Important! Smartphones with protection against water and dust, blows from Caterpillar withstand the cycle of concrete preparation inside the mixer, indifferent to the subsequent washing with a hose.

The manufacturer focuses on the protection of devices from all impacts.It uses thick Gorilla Glass on the screen, a special rubber bumper with steel linings. The body is made of plastic with steel elements. for high strength and the possibility of elastic deformation. Some models of this manufacturer, for example, B15Q - are certified by the NATO military standard MIL-STD-810G. Caterpillar phones cost starts at 14,500 rubles.



BlackView products are well on the market. These smartphones offer excellent performance. However, all models of this Chinese brand have a number of features.

  1. Protection is based on a simple scheme. Here no composite bumpers from metal and rubber.
  2. Instead of thoughtful linings are used bolted covers on interfaces and connectors. This creates a considerable amount of inconvenience for the owners.

The price for protected phones of the brand starts from 7500 rubles.



Products of this manufacturer focused on maximum autonomy. Here are used rubber frame housing with steel plates. It is easy to buy a model with a battery of 10,000 mAh, for example, the F605 with a 12,000 mAh battery. Jeep is much cheaper than Catterpillar. The cost of the models of the brand starts from 6000 rubles.

Important! However, users note that the overall protection of the phone is lower, it is more inconvenient, and the operating system is old and does not provide for working with many modern applications.


Land Rover (Discovery)

This manufacturer tried to play in the mass market. However, today there are few models for sale for average users. Phones are protected from shock, water and dust, can work with 2 SIM, have good cameras, screens. However, Land Rover (Discovery) can not be considered fully extreme. Rather it a segment of devices for tourists who are not used to losing touch with civilization. The price of the model starts from the mark of 7500 rubles.

 Land Rover (Discovery)


Other manufacturers are actively trying to promote the market. Of the new players can be noted Geotel, offering smartphones that easily withstand washing and falling onto concrete. Actively produces waterproof models of the company Sigma. Many phones of this brand regularly fall in the ratings of the best. Good on the parameters of the device offers Texet.


Looking at such a variety of manufacturers and models, one can easily understand one thing: you need to carefully choose a protected smartphone.If you correctly analyze the potential situations in which the model must survive, you can save money and get a more convenient, productive device.

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