What modes and functions are in the conditioner

The modes installed in the air conditioner predetermine the capabilities and the “talents” prescribed by the manufacturer for this climate technology. Each model has a set of basic (common) settings for this kind of device, but there are additional features. Modes of any air conditioner aimed at creating a favorable atmosphere in the house.

Common Modes

Any control is carried out with the help of the console, with the exception of window models that have a button control panel. However, some of the designated teams require translation into Russian. For the convenience of the user, next to the buttons on the remote are graphic icons.

The main modes of operation of the air conditioner are present in every standard device. Among them are the following:

  • cool (translated as “cooling”) is indicated by a snowflake;
  • heat (for heating) with a sun icon;
  • dry mode (drying mode in any air conditioner) with a drop image;
  • fan (ventilation) with fan icon;
  • sleep (night mode) with an asterisk;
  • timer with a clock;
  • swing - the value is to change the direction of the curtains;
  • lock - lock the remote from children;
  • led - remote control backlight for working with it in the evening and at night.

 Designations on the air conditioner


This is the main mission of any air conditioning unit. The conditioner mode is implemented as follows: the refrigerant poured into the device gradually turns into gaseous, taking heat from the room. This cools the air entering the room.

Correctly calculate the power of the purchased device will help the following formula: for one kilowatt is the area from 8 to 10 square meters. Under these conditions, the device will provide optimal cooling in the apartment.

 Snow and ice in the room

Important recommendation: when starting such a function, the split-systems set the temperature at about 16-18 degrees.If it is not enough, connect the fan. The temperature can vary within 0.5 degrees (above and below).

When the outdoor temperature is below zero, it is important to observe the following nuances:

  • from time to time reduce the power of the device;
  • observe the water drainage;
  • take into account that the restructuring takes more time.

It is best not to run this feature in the winter.


Many air conditioners can operate in heating mode, which is best run in the off seasonwhen heating is not yet running. However, in winter, using this feature is undesirable - it will contribute to a drop in the performance of the device.

 Air conditioner in the winter

In autumn and spring in heat mode, it produces 3-4 times more heat compared to the consumed electricity. But in the winter season, negative temperatures change the properties of freon and compression oil - that is why the device can even fail. Of course, you can purchase a special low-temperature (winter) kit or initially buy a model with a heating element, but with their use, electricity bills will also increase.

What is the drainage

Thanks to this function of the conditioner from the room excess moisture is removed.Drying makes it easier to tolerate heat and prevents the formation of mold. As a result, the stuffiness disappears and it becomes easier to breathe.

The dryer acts as follows:

  • the first 10 minutes the air conditioner dries the air;
  • the next 5 minutes the device does not work;
  • then for 2 minutes, enhanced ventilation occurs.

It is very important that there are no additional open sources of moisture in the room - for example, a pool. Here, the possibilities of dehumidifying the air will not help, it is necessary to use other specialized equipment.

 Draining process

The device operates in cycles: from dehumidification to cooling. As soon as the room has reached the required temperature, the device begins to dry the air again.

Reinforced blowing

The ventilation mode in any air conditioner is an indicator of air flow rate. There is a distribution of air flow around the room, while not cooling and not heating it.

In modern models, the fan is adjustable - for this there is additional mode turbo. With its inclusion air flows begin to chase the room with greater speed. And if you turn off the air intake outside, then during ventilation the device will mix different air layers,having different degrees of heating (at the top the air will be warmer and the floor will stay cooler).

Silent night settings

Another name is night mode: it provides for a reduced noise level at night. Actually the fan just starts rotate at a lower speedIt turns out almost silently. And the required temperature remains unchanged, fluctuations are possible within one or two degrees.

Another name for the night mode is Quiet, a comfortable sleep. It is also characterized by reduced power consumption.


Another of the mandatory functions that will allow you to set the temperature before the user arrives home. It also closes the split system after the required amount of time.


This feature helps uniform distribution of air volumes throughout the room. By the way, the flaps can be fixed in any one position. And for a clearer picture of what is happening with the technique, the corresponding movements of the blinds are displayed on the screen of the console.

 Swing air conditioner

Special abilities

They are not implemented in every model. However, many of them for checking are very interesting and useful.

  1. Comfort settings allow the inclusion of equipment for the calculation of the optimal temperature balance. The technique itself will make the necessary adjustments and produce optimal results. Usually for heating it is an indicator of 20 degrees, and for cooling it is used 25 degrees.
  2. It turns out to be useful and room cleaning from incoming dust from the outside air. Usually a variety of filters are used here - coarse (removes large particles of dust) and fine (which even work with pollen). There are filters that remove the smell of smoke.
  3. 3D stream used to deflect the air flow vertically. This will help the user not to catch a cold. And for some models, the device itself locates the remote (the Ifeel function) and sends air masses in its direction.
  4. Ionization implies saturation of the microclimate with ions with negative charges. This improves the user's immunity and well-being. In the opinion of some people, the sensation of the sea breeze is created.
     Work conditioner with ionizer

  5. Low temperatures outside the window? So it's time to turn on "defrost "outdoor unit. Coolant will collect all the cold that came with the street air masses.
  6. Finally, self test is one of the most useful features.The device itself will automatically identify its own malfunction - this will help to quickly cope with the problem and prevent damage.

How to choose the necessary function

After the information received it remains only to find out how to choose a particular function. It's simple:

  • on the remote select the corresponding button;
  • if not, then you can select the current mode using MODE, turning over, until we decide on the right;
  • the current temperature is set using the buttons with “plus” and “minus”;
  • the user will not feel the specified action immediately, but after about 5 minutes.

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