Grand Master: 10 advantages for retail and online home appliances stores

As is known, the success of retail sales depends largely on suppliers. It is the right choice of supplier that influences the increase in the number of customers, their satisfaction and, ultimately, determines the sales volumes. Therefore, retail and online stores of household appliances, looking for a reliable supplier of household and professional ironing equipment, should pay attention to the company "Grand Master". There are 10 reasons for this.

Reason # 1: Years of Experience

Grand Master has been operating since 2005 and has been supplying high-quality steam, ironing, cleaning and other household appliances to Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union for more than 13 years.

 Grand master

The company sells both directly and through authorized distributors, including shops "DNS", "Technopark", "Media Markt", "OZON", "Online Trade", "HOLODILNIK.RU" and others.

Today Grand Master is rightfully considered the largest supplier of ironing equipment in Russia and the CIS countries. The company equips chain clothing stores of well-known domestic and foreign brands: Zara, H & M, Calvin Klein Inc., Ostin, Sportmaster, Bershka, Mexx, Finn Flare, Massimo Dutti and others.

Reason number 2: Wide range

Grand Master owns the MIE and Grand Master trademarks, which are represented in stores in major cities of Russia, including in the company's stores, in chain stores of home appliances and electronics, and online hypermarkets.

The company's product range includes a large selection of household and semi-professional steamers, ironing boards, ironing presses, ironing systems, irons, steam cleaners, as well as state-of-the-art vacuum cleaners and smart teapots.At the same time, the company constantly keeps abreast of and regularly updates its product range, relying on technology and end-user needs. In its segment, Grand Master has the largest range of specialized household appliances.

Reason # 3: Quality of equipment

Steam ironing, harvesting and other household appliances under the company's trademarks “MIE” and “Grand Master” are made at the enterprises of Italy and China. The quality of products is ensured thanks to the continuous interaction of employees of foreign offices with the development departments of manufacturing plants.

The main components of the equipment are subject to strict electronic and visual inspection, which virtually eliminates the presence of defects. Note that all products supplied by Grand Master meet the requirements of the Russian Certificate of Conformity.

Reason # 4: Manufacturability

Technique «MIE» and «Grand Master» is distinguished not only high quality, but also manufacturability. All new products are created as a result of analysis and synthesis of the most successful achievements of world manufacturers in the field of household appliances.The company also focuses on the wishes of the final consumers. So, according to numerous requests of curtain salons, the specialists of the company “Grand Master” have developed a steamer for clothes with an extended steam hose.

Again, taking care of users, the company ensures that any equipment is comfortable and easy to use. After all, the MIE and Grand Master equipment is designed for everyday use, therefore, its management should be as convenient and intuitive as possible.

Modern technologies allow the Grand Master company to also make multi-functional appliances, in other words, it combines the functions of several household appliances at once. For example, some ironing devices MIE and Grand Master can be used both for ironing things and for cleaning. At the same time, the company promotes an eco-friendly approach - all products are used to clean the house and tidy up clothes without the use of chemicals. Its action is based on the physical properties of water vapor and is absolutely safe for health.

Reason # 5: Uniqueness

In the technique supplied by Grand Master, various styles, additional functions and properties are combined.It combines immediately and fashionable design, and the most advanced technology, which makes this technique truly unique. The range of steam equipment "Grand Master" is so wide and diverse that everyone will find in it exactly what they are looking for. All this gives Grand Master the right to claim the title of a company that sets standards for technology and quality in the steam technology market.

Reason # 6: Service

Grand Master pays special attention to service issues, because it is important for a company to shape and maintain the image of a reliable supplier and partner. The warranty period for MIE and Grand Master products is 3 and 2 years respectively.

Grand Master has an extensive geographically distributed network of authorized service centers providing warranty and after-sales service for equipment, and supplies spare parts and accessories.

Reason # 7: Own warehouse

Retail sales have reached a new level, and now it is not necessary to have warehouses for running a successful business. Moreover, in times of crisis, this can significantly slow down development.Therefore, traditional retailers are gradually closing stores and warehouses, focusing on strengthening brand loyalty.

“Grand Master” supports the desire of retail stores to optimize costs and seeks to maintain the availability of a full range of its products in its own warehouse in Moscow. The company also organizes prompt deliveries, and for regional partners offers free delivery of equipment to a convenient transport company.

Reason # 8: Marketing Support

“Grand Master” not only supplies progressive equipment, but also provides its partners with strong marketing support. Household appliances for long-term use requires a detailed description, revealing all the features of the product, so the company provides such a description for each device with photos and video. In this case, all the useful information is sent to partners regardless of their sales volumes.

Reason # 9: Prices are “affordable”

In its work, the Grand Master focuses not only on user requirements for the quality of equipment and a set of functions, but also on the cost of products. The company catalog has both premium solutions and low-end products.Here everyone will find the offer “affordable”. Even in the line of class "luxury" you can find quite affordable devices.

Reason # 10: Partner Orientation

In summing up, I would like to separately note the loyal attitude of the “Grand Master” to all its partners. There are no more or less important clients for the company. Here everyone is ready to find an individual approach and find the optimal conditions for cooperation. And it is not only about competitive prices. In particular, this also applies to shipment conditions: even small orders throughout Russia are ready to ship to Grand Master every day.

For cooperation, please contact the managers of the company Grand Master.

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