Xiaomi Mi Bunny smart watch review for kids

The wearable electronics market has made a significant spiral turn. The starting point was the appearance of fitness trackers and bracelets. Next came a smart watch that performs the function of an adjacent device, a kind of intermediary between a smartphone and a person. Having received its logical continuation, the smart watch market has been segmented. Today, there are models for athletes, business models, as well as devices designed for children. About one of these children's models - Xiaomi Mi Bunny, will be discussed below.


Smart watches for kids possess unique designwhich is hardly applicable in another context. This is their advantage: the device stands out among monotonous hours for adults with its bright color. Children's watches are available in two colors: cream-pink and blue, for girls and boys, respectively. Intentionally round shapes, including a clasp on a silicone strap, give out some “childishness”, but in this case it is out of place.

A feature of the line is solid housing. The screen flows smoothly into the case, and the case continues straps without visual divisions.

 Watch grade

Monolithic case can play a cruel joke: with the banal strap breakage, you have to change the entire device. It should be noted that the "older" models of Xiaomi smart watches support the replacement function of the mount. Some gadgets in the kit come with two straps, one main one and one silicone.

The watches are made only from ecologically clean, hypoallergenic materials. The case is protected from moisture by a special rubberized coating. True, the watch is not protected from immersion in water. The GPS module is made of hardened ceramic.

The xiaomi bunny screen is made in the shape of a circle with a protective glass. The strength of the display is rather mediocre, but this coating protects against minor scratches and cracks. The glossy surface gets dirty, but it is fairly easy to clean.Given the lack of a full touch screen, we can mention the good readability of the displayed numbers and symbols. Screen running in two color modes (pink and blue) depending on the modification of the device.


Smart watches for kids are equipped two control buttons. One of the buttons is responsible for turning the device on and off, the second one helps to set the date, time and other parameters. One of the buttons can serve as an SOS signal.

 Control buttons

Dimensions and weight of the device clearly intended for children's hands, however, given the simplified visual style of performance, the teenager is unlikely to express a desire to wear such a gadget. The watch weighs quite a bit, only 37 grams, so they will be worn easily, without causing a feeling of heaviness in the wrist area. And thanks to the unique hypoallergenic material, the skin under the strap will not sweat or sweat.


Operating system and model interface

The model works on its own closed operating system from the company "Xiaomi". The developer reluctantly shares the details of the development of the project, so the system is closed to enthusiasts, modding and custom firmware. Many users point out frequent flaws when working with Russian cellular networks: the fact is that Xiaomi Mi Bunny watches are primarily oriented to the Chinese market and are sold only within the network. No global version, like the phones "Xiaomi", the clock does not have. In this regard, the operating system does not work as smoothly as we would like.

OS supports data transmission in second generation networks, 2G or Edge. True, most often the system can only go online and contact the server, but to register on the network in order to be able to fully use all the services, it is not given regional restrictions.

Important! Full hours work is impossible without a smartphone, through which the main commands are given. The gadget is able to support voice calls, automatically answer them and even filter out unwanted ones.

Thanks GPS module parents can always know where their child is. However, for this you need to activate the active tracking system, which will significantly affect the duration of the work.

The system interface is simple and clear to any child. Control is carried out using a pair of buttons or voice.In addition to the listed functions, the operating system includes an active pedometer and a daily activity counter with an average level calculation, a “safe zone”, a convenient alarm clock, and a call history memory.

 Watch on hand

Watch features

At first glance, the model looks simple and is unlikely to surprise a sophisticated user. But it is worth exploring its capabilities in more detail, as it becomes clear that this is a full-fledged smart watch designed to work in conjunction with a smartphone. To use all the features of the device, you will need a phone with the Android operating system version at least 4.2 or IOS from 7.0 and higher.

  1. The main functional advantage of the device is SIM card slot to use the watch as a telephone assistant and receive updates in a timely manner.
  2. In addition to the well-known GPS, Mi Bunny Watch supports a number of other navigation systems: Beidou, Galileo and even the domestic GLONASS.
  3. Another important feature of the device is full Wi-Fi modulewhich perfectly takes the signal.
  4. G-sensor greatly expands the capabilities of the device, turning it into a full tracker for sports fans.
  5. The device is equipped with a rather capacious, considering the dimensions, battery. The battery capacity is as much as 300 mAh. This volume with moderate use should be enough for quite a long time. However, with the included GPS module, the device will work much less.
  6. Clock assembled based on the MT6261 platform. This is a standardized card used in the assembly of many models of smart watches. Only one thing can be said about it: its power is enough to perform all the tasks that can only be set before the clock.
  7. The frequency range of the device GSM900 / 1800.
  8. Another significant advantage is support for wireless data transmission protocol Bluetooth In the first edition of the watch, the Bluetooth version was 3.0, in the second edition they were equipped with the fourth version. Thanks to the constantly turned on bt-module, continuous communication with the smartphone is carried out. The advantage will be the work in conjunction with the company gadget from Xiaomi. To implement a deeper integration of both devices, there is a “native” software, developed by the company just for these tasks.

Pros and cons of smart watches

The Mi Bunny watch turned out to be quite an interesting gadget,although they are not without some functional drawbacks and flaws.

  • beautiful build;
  • high degree of reliability;
  • long work on one battery charge;
  • many useful features;
  • easy device management;
  • well readable numbers;
  • wide range of connection modules;
  • durable diode display;
  • universal platform MT6261.
  • closed operating system;
  • lack of Russification;
  • most services will not be available without activating the device.

You can buy watches both in retail and online store. However, given that the model is not officially represented in Russia, there is no point in overpaying for an offline purchase, unless the gadget is needed in the near future, or there is no desire to spend a month waiting for delivery. In all other cases it is more logical to resort to site services Aliexpress - This will help to significantly save on the purchase.


Children's watches have emerged in a separate segment of the market quite recently, but the key manufacturers of this technology have already responded to this popular trend. Almost all the brands of the first echelon presented the line of children's smart watches. Xiaomi Company was one of the first to enter this market, having served as a kind of flagship.The Mi Bunny lineup turned out to be interesting, though not without flaws. And this is confirmed by the high, even despite unofficial sales in Russia, the demand for this model.

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