Dyson Company is a manufacturer of small household appliances using innovative technologies.

The trademark Dyson is a manufacturer of high-quality household appliances (vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, fans, hand dryers, etc.). The originality of the company's products lies in the use of unique technologies at the stage of its creation, ensuring work efficiency. You can get acquainted with the full range of offers on the website of the official online store of a famous brand.

A bit of history: the formation and development of the brand

The founder of the brand is James Dyson, who began his activity in 1992, living at that time in the south of England.

In 1993, under his leadership, a factory and a research center were opened, where a vacuum cleaner that was able to absorb highly dispersed dust was first assembled.The appearance of the DC01 model was the first step towards the success of the brand, which later became popular throughout the world. Today, products manufactured by the Dyson brand have many prestigious awards. In 2004, the company approved the awardJames dyson award, designed for students engaged in engineering design and industrial design.

 Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

The advantages of vacuum cleaners, climate technology and hair dryers from the company Dyson

Dyson vacuum cleaners are classified as high-tech household appliances. They are especially popular among people who are allergic to dust, pet dander or pollen. The devices are equipped with containers, the cleaning of which is carried out with one hand movement.

Among the main advantages of Dyson vacuum cleaners it is necessary to single out their maneuverability, convenient structural features that facilitate the process of operation, efficiency and functionality.

In the process of producing climate technology, the company uses innovative developments. The line of this production is presented by the safe fans and humidifiers working on the Air Multiplier technology.All products have quality certificates and a long-term warranty from the manufacturer. Convenient remote controls are used to switch modes and monitor the operation of climate technology.

 Humidifiers Dyson

Dyson hair dryers are significantly different from similar devices issued by other brands. They contribute to the formation of natural hair shine, are comfortable to use, produce a minimum of noise and allow you to quickly make the perfect styling with the help of various nozzles. Fast and gentle drying is achieved through the use of Air Multiplier technology.

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