What iron sole is considered the best

When choosing an iron should take into account the mass of the most important criteria, the main of which is considered the quality of the sole. As a rule, it is the material of the sole, its strength and type of coating that ensure effective ironing of a wide variety of things. Modern models contain a lot of various functions (for example, steaming, dry ironing, self-cleaning, sensor system), but the first thing you should pay attention to when buying a device is the quality of the sole. Let's try to find out which sole of the iron is better than its different types differ from each other, their main advantages and disadvantages revealed in the process of operation.

The value of the sole in the design of the iron

No matter how innovative and technologically perfect the iron is, the main element in this household appliance is still the sole.In fact, it is with its help that a high-quality slip occurs on tissues of various structures and densities. The sole for the iron is responsible for the effectiveness of ironing, pressure on the material, direction of movement, the quality of ironing small parts and delicate fabrics. After all, there is nothing more offensive than the annoying spots left by the iron on your favorite clothes.

 Soles of irons

In order for the heated electrical appliance not to leave traces behind it and not burn through holes in things dear to the heart, it is necessary to find out what its base is made of and what kind of coating is applied.

Now there are more than twenty names of coatings, the main function of which is flawless and safe ironing. So what should be the perfect sole?

  1. The sliding of the aggregate along various tissues, regardless of the structure, should be smooth and soft.
  2. There should be no cracks and damage, strength and wear resistance are important.
  3. It is necessary that the base heats up quickly and evenly.
  4. Must cope with delicate fabrics without damaging them.

 What are the soles of iron

Sole materials


Soles for the very first irons were made of this metal, and to this day aluminum remains the simplest, most classic and affordable material.

Aluminum has a high thermal conductivity, so such devices quickly heat up and cool down just as quickly.

 Aluminum iron sole

This is convenient if you need to urgently stroke this or that thing and put the iron aside, not waiting for it to cool. Undoubtedly, the advantage of aluminum coating can be safely considered low costavailable to any buyer. Unfortunately, the aluminum sole for an iron is considered not very strong: the metal is light and soft, therefore, it is easily deformed. When ironing products with buttons, zippers and other fittings, you risk damaging the coating; cracks and scratches will remain on it. As a result, the effectiveness of ironing will decrease, and a damaged sole may spoil the fabric.

However, modern manufacturers have found a way out of this situation. So, the Philips company presented models of irons, where the sole anodized aluminum. Unlike the usual, it is thermally more stable and not prone to deformation.

Stainless steel

If we consider the most durable material of the sole of an iron, then a stainless steel comes to mind first of all.It does not have as high heat-conducting properties as aluminum, but it’s completely not subject to deformation. Also, the steel is not susceptible to oxidation, corrosion does not occur on its surface. Therefore, it is possible not to be afraid that the iron will quickly fail or will require special care and maintenance.

 Steel sole iron

Of course, the stainless material of the sole has its pros and cons. The stainless steel is affordable for almost every customer, it heats up well and keeps heat for a long time, and the coating itself is resistant to deformation and rust. Stainless steel can be cleaned with plain water or special solutions. In addition, devices with a steel base smooth fabrics of various structures and densities and easily slide on any type of surface. Among the shortcomings can be identified heavy weight unit with stainless steel sole. Owners of such irons can easily feel like the heroines of the last century, when extremely heavy cast-iron irons were common in everyday life.

Modern models have additional coatings on stainless steel. This ensures the longest possible service life, increases strength and resistance to damage.

For example, manufacturers of home appliances brand Braun create irons with a heavy-duty sole called Saphir. As a rule, additional nozzles are attached to it for ironing delicate fabrics, which guarantees the highest quality smoothing and full steam flow. Sapphire is one of the hardest and at the same time expensive materials, therefore sapphire plating will increase the total cost of the device. However, in this case, you pay for quality, because the iron slip on the fabric will be much better.

 Saphir iron sole


To understand which coating will be the best option, we suggest to consider another type of sole: ceramics or metal ceramics. Ceramic base can rightly be considered the most popular and common.

Electrical appliances with a similar coating ensure easy gliding over the fabric, do not leave marks and do not overheat. In addition, they are much easier and more maneuverable than their stainless steel counterparts.

 Ceramic iron sole

Ceramics heats up in the shortest possible time and retains heat for a long time, and is also easy to clean. You can clean the base of the iron either with specialized solutions or with an ordinary sponge slightly moistened with water (depending on the degree of contamination).The disadvantage of ceramics is instability to damage and excessive fragility. It is necessary to store the iron with a ceramic or metal-ceramic sole carefully and carefully, not to allow impacts on the surface, contact with heavy metal objects.


Perhaps, the highest quality material in terms of operation. The titanium coating is absolutely immune to damage, while ensuring free sliding and maneuverability of the iron. They are resistant to corrosion, oxidation and the appearance of unwanted damage, scratches, cracks. True, there is a significant drawback: titanium has a low thermal conductivity, and therefore, the sole heats up for a long time.

The cost of titanium irons is very high, and to find them among modern models is very difficult.

 Iron titanium sole


A good option for those who often deal with the ironing of delicate fabrics. Teflon coating gently handles thin, easily perishable fabrics, does not scorch and does not burn them, and also leaves almost no traces. The obvious disadvantage of such coverage - fragilityWhen ironing things with accessories, locks, zippers, there is a high risk of damaging the sole, which will further affect the performance of the iron.

 Teflon iron sole

Choose the best coverage option

Time does not stand still, and every year iron manufacturers offer more and more advanced technologies in the manufacture of bases. Consider the options of coverage from the most popular brands of home appliances and find out which one is the most optimal in quality and technical characteristics.


The Steamglide coating from the Philips brand is notable for increased wear resistance and protection from mechanical damage - cracks, scratches, chips. What is the uniqueness of technology Steamglide? The material used in the production of coatings is glass ceramics or metal ceramics. This gives the sole lightness, and the iron as a whole - the freedom of movement and smooth glide. The basis here is alloyed steel, because it is less susceptible to mechanical damage.

The sole profile is permeated with holes of various sizes, which is very convenient during steam supply: the iron heats up evenly, and the steam comes out in sufficient quantity, creating the effect of a steam pad.

 Steamglide iron sole

During ironing, the unit almost does not touch the fabric directly, but at the same time it qualitatively smoothes out and simultaneously strips it.Recently, the company introduced an improved coating of Steamglide plus - it is more resistant to scratches and creates the effect of tension in the process of ironing.

So the sole of a Steamglide iron is almost universal, and the price of irons with such a coating is quite affordable to any consumer.


The manufacturer of home appliances Braun does not lag behind competitors. Their novelty is the Eloxal coating, which is also resistant to mechanical damage and is particularly resistant to wear. The basis of such a sole is aluminum, but not simple, but oxidized by electrolytes. Such aluminum quickly heats up, glides easily on the fabric, smooth to the touch, but at the same time not as susceptible to deformation as usual. Like the Steamglide cover, Eloxal soles are pierced with holes of different diameters for a more even and powerful steam supply.

When choosing «Eloxal "pay attention to the cost - these irons are distinguished by budget and availability to all categories of buyers.

 Eloxal iron sole


Another type of coating that deserves attention is the latest development of the manufacturer Tefal. The coating is called Durilium, and thanks to the unique technology of iron sliding occurs soft and easy, the scratches on the sole almost do not appear, and the fabric is qualitatively smoothed, without traces, stains and opalin.

Durilium is a metal-ceramic coating, but, unfortunately, is fragile, therefore it requires careful operation and careful maintenance.

 Durilium iron sole


To summarize: what kind of iron sole is the most durable and reliable? As follows from the article, each material has its own advantages and disadvantages; you only need to choose the ratio of quality, functionality and cost that is ideal for you. For people who are used to saving, you can recommend irons with aluminum "foundation". For those who value lightness and have a sufficient budget, it makes sense to purchase models with a ceramic or titanium coating. Also, pay attention to new items. with special coatingfor example aluminum with non-stick coating, as well as Steamglide or Eloxal, because they combine both strength and light slip.

In any case, the best model of the iron will be chosen not only because of the material of the sole, but also other characteristics and additional functions that are also of great importance.

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