Which humidifier to buy for home: top of the best models

Air humidifiers are indispensable devices, especially when the heating season begins, and radiator batteries begin to literally dry up the microclimate of houses and apartments. Today, many companies are involved in the release of these devices, from first-tier brands to small firms that have just recently entered the market. Anyway, the choice is quite large, and it is easy to get lost in it. To exclude long searches, below will be presented the top 10 best models of 2018 to improve the microclimate in the house. But first let us see what is the difference between a humidifier and other units similar in purpose.

Comparison of a humidifier with similar devices

Today, the market for climate technology is represented by many modern gadgets that are working on optimal parameters of cleanliness and humidity. And if a humidifier is familiar to almost everyone, then not everyone knows what an air wash or ionizer is. To understand that it copes better with the microclimate, it is necessary to know the purpose of these devices.

Air wash

Thus, in washing the air, in comparison with the humidifier, the functionality is expanded: in addition to the usual dispersion of moisture, it will have the ability sanitation of the surrounding spacewhich is achieved by various methods.

 The principle of operation of air washing

The humidifier is suitable for use under normal conditions, while the sink is designed to solve some specific problems. For example, additional air purification is necessary for everyone who suffers from seasonal allergies. Often resorted to the use of sinks for air and asthmatics, whose health is directly dependent on a healthy indoor climate. An ordinary humidifier binds dust particles, forcing it to settle on the surface more intensively, but, nevertheless, it cannot guarantee the purity of inhaled oxygen. Therefore, for people suffering from asthma or allergies, it is not worth the choice - air washing or humidifier. The first option will definitely be better.


The air ionizer and humidifier have more differences - these devices different tasks. The ionizer charges the air passing through the voltage with negatively charged ions. The beneficial effect of the use of ionizers has been repeatedly confirmed by many independent studies. The functions of the compared devices are practically unrelated, both perform their highly specialized tasks for the sake of a common goal - the creation of a favorable indoor climate.

 The principle of operation of the air ionizer

Air purifier

If the humidifier is a highly specialized device, then the air purifier is a complex multifunction device. Most often, the air purifier has a humidifying function, being a complex device of the “all-in-one” class. The main task of the airspace cleaner is to work with particles of dirt and dust flying in the air. Being involved in a special hole, all the dust accumulates on the filters. As a rule, the air purifier is endowed with several filters: primary, wet and fine filter to delay the finest dust.In addition to moistening and cleaning, the cleaner can have built-in ionizercombining the functions of the three devices.

 The principle of operation of the air purifier

The disadvantage of these devices is that they are expensive and require constant maintenance with the replacement of filters.

Choose a device for personal use is best, starting from the needs. If the main task is air ionization, then a specialized device will do. When the range of tasks is somewhat wider, an air purifier can be considered. And if only required increased humidity, it is obvious that a high-quality humidifier can do this best of all. So, consider the best models of humidifiers in 2017.

10. Ballu UHB-240 Disney

The rating of air humidifiers opens the model from the domestic brand “Ballu”. This company is known to the buyer with high-quality heating equipment. The device is sold at a price of 2999 rubles. Its distinguishing feature is unique design, making references to the famous hero of cartoons, developed under the license of the Disney Corporation. The device is perfect for the child, because in addition to the attractive appearance has everything you need for high-quality moistureair in the nursery.

The maximum power level is 18 W, while the device is able to serve up to 20 sq.m. square Ultrasonic Moisturizing Principletherefore, water consumption remains relatively low. The volume of the liquid tank is only 1.5 liters. The maximum fluid flow per hour is 180 ml. You can control the direction of humidification, adjusting it as needed regardless of how the device case is installed, which is very convenient. The evaporation rate with the help of a cooler that blows out fine dust is also adjustable.

 Ballu UHB-240 Disney

On the front side of the device is a sensor that signals a low level of liquid in the tank, and the case itself is equipped with a convenient backlight.

Wonderful device, sold in several colors. The price of the device makes it attractive for a house with a nursery. One of the best models of 2018 from those on the market, which are primarily focused on children's target audience.

  • affordable price;
  • high reliability;
  • tightness of the case at the joints;
  • small water consumption;
  • attractive appearance, several colors;
  • weighs little;
  • it is possible to regulate then moistening and its intensity;
  • there is an indicator.
  • a small number of settings;
  • poor equipment;
  • short power cord.

Prices Ballu UHB-240 Disney:

9. Boneco U7135

In ninth place is a model with good reviews, released by Boneko. The manufacturer entered the mass market of humidifiers in 2015, and since then has gained considerable popularity among a large number of users. The cost of the device is 7900 rubles. The main indicators of the device are as follows: ultrasonic air moisteningThe maximum power is 130 W, suitable for a room of 60 sq.m. The fluid reservoir has a volume of as much as 6.5 liters. The maximum water consumption is 550 ml per hour. The model is equipped with a hygrostat, and demineralizing cartridge.

 Boneco U7135

There is a preliminary heating of the water and the ability to adjust the direction in which the humidification will take place.

The installation is provided only on the floor, the power comes from the 220 V network. In the “warm steam” mode, the water consumption will be increased, and in standard mode it will be no more than 400 grams per hour. Reliable device for medium sized rooms. The cost of the device can be attributed to the middle class with a balanced list of built-in features.A high degree of reliability, increased tightness at the joints and mouths ensure long and trouble-free operation. The device will be interesting to anyone who wants to buy a humidifier, which has all the features within its basic tasks. A wonderful choice for a wide range of consumers.

  • thoughtful design;
  • interesting case design;
  • remarkable level of tightness;
  • strong plastic on which the scum is not formed;
  • heated water before grinding;
  • high performance;
  • large liquid tank;
  • two modes of water consumption;
  • large serviced area;
  • low power consumption.
  • cost;
  • no extra cartridge included;
  • The cost of consumables is quite high.

Prices Boneco U7135:

8. NeoClima NHL-220L

The ranking of the best continues ultrasonic humidifier from the company "Neoklima". The company specializes in the production of cooling systems and heating equipment. The rulers of the presented devices include all the variety of prices, from the most affordable to the top all-in-one models. In this case, we are talking about a specialized device that has only one function - air humidification.The model itself is inexpensive, the price tag on it is within 1390 rubles. The maximum power level of the device is only 30 W, but this is quite enough for the operation of the ultrasonic motor. The humidifier is able to serve a room up to 20 sq.m.

Considering silent work and the small volume of the moistened area, the device in the best way will be suitable for a nursery.

 NeoClima NHL-220L

The device is able to work up to 9 hours without topping up the liquid. The volume of the water tank is only 2.6 liters, so that the dimensions of the humidifier remain very compact, easy to carry and transport. The maximum moisture consumption is 280 ml / h. Included in the package comes demineralizing cartridge. The evaporation rate, as well as the speed of rotation of the cooler, can be controlled with the help of appropriate adjustments. The device works from a normal network of 220 V. A wonderful humidifier, suitable for small rooms, children's rooms or bedrooms. Reasonable price, strong case of small size and famous brand make the model from Neoclima an interesting option for purchase.

  • different colors;
  • low electricity consumption;
  • strong body;
  • proven brand;
  • tank tightness;
  • perfect for children's room;
  • strong fixation on the floor;
  • long work without topping.
  • equipment;
  • few adjustments;
  • small service area.

Prices NeoClima NHL-220L:

7. Polaris PUH 5806Di

The seventh place is occupied by one of the best ultrasonic humidifiers on Yandex.Market from the Polaris brand. Due to its high performance, the device is perfect for both home and apartment. Famous pediatrician Dr. Komarovsky recommends that the room for children should always have a fixed level of humidity, which can be easily achieved using the proposed model. Its cost is 2390 rubles. This is the best ultrasonic humidifier in terms of efficiency: the maximum level of electricity consumption is only 23 watts.

 Polaris PUH 5806Di

The served area does not exceed 40 sq.m. The device can work almost a day without topping up the liquid (21 hours). The volume of the water tank is only 5.5. liters. This duration is achieved due to low moisture consumption, 350 ml / h. The model is equipped with a reliable hygrostat and comes with an ionizer.On the front of the unit is located to control the device. The panel has a thermometer and a timer in increments of up to 8 hours. Bright electronic display perfectly readable in the dark. In addition to the buttons on the body there is an indicator of the remaining amount of water. Reliable and functional model, a good offer at a balanced and fair price from a reputable manufacturer.

  • high degree of reliability;
  • wide functionality;
  • profitability;
  • high performance;
  • perfect for children's room;
  • convenient management;
  • timer;
  • built-in ionizer.
  • no remote control;
  • only one sensor is available;
  • short power cord.

Prices Polaris PUH 5806Di:

6. Coway AM-1012ED

The 2018 rating continues with the traditional humidifier from the well-known Kovai brand. Despite the fairly high cost of the device (21,990 rubles), the demand for it is quite large. This is primarily due to natural working principle - This is the main distinguishing feature of ultrasonic and steam analogues. Power device is only 56 watts. Water tank volume 4.5 liters. The model is embedded exact hygrostat, issuing true information.Also present is a built-in pre-filter and ionizer. A pleasant surprise was the presence flavor functions.

Given the wide range of possibilities, this model can be positioned as an air cleaner and humidifier in one unit.

 Coway AM-1012ED

The instrument panel has a convenient timer in 1, 2, 4 and 8 hours increments. The stated noise level at maximum load is only 45 dB. The weight of the device is 6.3 kg. Remarkable model that can be used as a cleaner, humidifier and ionizer. A great example of an all-in-one device. Some may be scared away by the high cost, but the device is definitely worth the money. Given that traditional humidifiers have greater performance and functionality than their counterparts, we can safely recommend the device to anyone for whom this function is primarily important.

  • multifunctionality;
  • performance;
  • low noise level;
  • strong and reliable case;
  • famous manufacturer;
  • convenient timer;
  • easy operation;
  • built-in flavor.
  • high price;
  • instrument weight;
  • expensive consumables.

Prices Coway AM-1012ED:

5. Panasonic F-VXH50

In fifth place is air purifier with humidifying function. The brand "Panasonic" is known by many domestic users for a wide range of manufactured household appliances. The considered model is sold at a price of 22990 rubles in two colors, black and white. The main function of the device is cleaning, but there is also a built-in humidifier. Power is 43 watts. The served area is no more than 40 sq.m. Liquid consumption does not exceed 0.5 liters at maximum load. The device has a pre-filter and air ionizer. On the control unit is adjustable fan speed and evaporation.

The noise limit, according to the developers, is 51 dB at peak load. If the device operates at minimum load, the noise level does not exceed 18 dB, which makes it one of the quietest in today's rating.

 Panasonic F-VXH50

The device weighs quite a lot, 8.3 kg, but it compact dimensions Considerably easier to carry the device. The strong reliable device which is fully justifying the price. Honored member of today's top 10. A rare case when the price tag fully justifies the content.Excellent assembly and classic body forms will not leave anyone indifferent who primarily relies on quality and reliability. High performance and energy efficiency make the model from Panasonic attractive and interesting as a candidate for purchase.

  • high degree of reliability;
  • choice of colors;
  • low noise level;
  • known and proven manufacturer;
  • low fluid intake;
  • compact dimensions;
  • functional ionizer;
  • low power consumption.
  • quite high price;
  • poor equipment;
  • expensive replacement filter.

Prices Panasonic F-VXH50:

4. Beurer LB 50

On the fourth line is a steam humidifier from the manufacturer Bauer. The device can be attributed to the average price segment, its value does not exceed 6400 rubles. The maximum power of the device is 380 watts. The served area does not exceed 50 sq.m. The volume of the water tank is five liters, and the maximum flow rate is 350 ml / h. A demineralizing cartridge is also included. In addition to the basic functions provided the opportunity splashing aroma oils, which significantly expands the functionality of the device.

 Beurer LB 50

The device is powered by a normal network of 220 V. The control unit is mechanical. On the front of the device made an indicator of a small amount of water. Pleases a small weight of the model - only 2.8 kg. Dimensions are very compact, which makes it easy to move the humidifier from room to room. Considering steam operating principle, it can be argued that the device can clean the air in the room. This property allows us to recommend this model for use in the children's room, where, often, in addition to moisture, it may be necessary to clean the air from dust.

  • steam humidification;
  • light;
  • low moisture intake;
  • convenient control of the device;
  • sealed fluid reservoir;
  • high performance;
  • strong body;
  • nice design.
  • short power cord;
  • expensive replaceable cartridge;
  • short cord, you must use the carrier.

Prices Beurer LB 50:

3. Timberk THU UL 03

Three leaders opens ultrasonic humidifier from the company "Timberk." The company entered the Russian market long enough to acquire an impressive army of fans. The best humidifiers of today's rating have qualities that distinguish them from countless models on the market. First of all it affordable price, which already includes an impressive technological potential. The cost of this unit is only 3310 rubles. The model is available in two colors, classic white and unusual green. The maximum working power is 38 W, and the serviced area of ​​the room should not exceed 30 sq.m. The water tank has a volume of 3300 ml. The highest moisture consumption is at 280 ml / h.

 Timberk THU UL 03

The direction in which the humidification will take place can be regulated, as well as the speed of rotation of the cooler, and the intensity with which evaporation occurs.

The device has built-in flavor, which significantly expands its functionality. The control unit of the device is mechanical. On the front side there is a liquid level sensor that turns on when the water in the tank is not enough. The dimensions are quite compact, so that the device is easy to carry from one room to another. The weight of the model is only 2 kg. Given the low cost of the device and an impressive range of possibilities, we can safely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a simple, but at the same time functional humidifier. Perfect for a wide range of buyers.

  • known and proven manufacturer;
  • high degree of reliability;
  • long service life;
  • strong body;
  • modern and bright design;
  • a light weight;
  • compact dimensions;
  • built-in room aromatization option;
  • perfect for use in the nursery.
  • small volume of a tank for liquids;
  • short power cord;
  • no filtering function.

Prices Timberk THU UL 03:

2. Stadler Form Fred F-016EH / F-018H / F-019H

The second place of today's rating belongs to the device from the highly specialized manufacturer “Stadler Form Fred”. This is a mid-range steam engine that stands out unusual design. In appearance, the device resembles a flying saucer, which, no doubt, children will like. Silent, almost silent work will be one more plus in favor of use of model in the nursery. The cost of the humidifier is 8670 rubles. For the specified cost, the user receives a rather impressive list of benefits. Peak power consumption is no more than 300 watts. The serviced premises should not exceed 50 sq. M.

 Stadler Form Fred F-016EH / F-018H / F-019H

As regards the duration of the operation, the device is an absolute record holder - as long as 30 hours with a minimum load.. The fluid reservoir has a volume of 3.6 liters and an average consumption of 360 ml / h. The humidifier is equipped with an extremely accurate hygrostat.The kit will also find a demineralizing cartridge, which will last for a long period of use. Adjustment is possible in two directions, the intensity of the cooler and the evaporation of moisture. Installation only on a flat horizontal surface, without the possibility of mounting on the wall. As a power source serves as a normal outlet for 220 V. The proposed model will perfectly cope with the problem arid air in the nursery. The device is suitable for a wide range of buyers.

  • wide functionality;
  • high reliability;
  • strong body;
  • sealed water compartment;
  • good performance;
  • long term of work from the bay to the bay (at minimum power up to 30 hours);
  • bright and unusual design;
  • the hygrostat is taken out.
  • high price;
  • few adjustment options;
  • poor supply

Prices Stadler Form Fred F-016EH / F-018H / F-019H:

1. Atmos 2652

The best humidifier of today's rating - the device from domestic brand "Atmos". From year to year the manufacturer expands its presence in the market of climate technology, making a worthy competition to well-known Western firms. The device of the average price level, sold in retail at an average price of 4050 rubles.This is one of the most economical devices in the class, the maximum power consumption is only 25 watts. The served area should not be more than 35 sq.m. The water tank has a volume of 4.2 liters, the flow rate does not exceed 250 ml per hour. The control unit is equipped with a bright, well-readable in the dark display and a convenient timer with multiple settings. On the front side is a liquid level indicator.

 Atmos 2652

For operation at night, the case is provided with a backlight, so the model can also be used as a nightlight.

A wonderful device that can fit into almost any interior of a nursery, bedroom or small living room. The bright, remarkable design draws attention to itself, making an indelible impression. Recommended for use in the nursery.

  • there is a backlight housing;
  • domestic manufacturer;
  • good nodal assembly;
  • fluid reservoir tightness;
  • silent operation;
  • low power consumption;
  • bright design.
  • short power cord;
  • few settings;
  • non informative timer.

Prices Atmos 2652:


An air humidifier is a specific, highly specialized device, so it’s imperative to knowwhere exactly should the device be placed in order to maximize its capabilities. First of all, it is worth remembering that you can not install a working humidifier next to the included heater (oil, convector type, etc.). Such a neighborhood can lead to undesirable consequences in the form of the closure of the device due to moisture on it.

Humidifier is better to put in the room between the bed (or other furniture) and the device, drying the air. This will minimize the negative impact of the heater.

Important: in no case should you install a humidifier near the door or doorway, because in this case it is likely to knock over the working device, forgetting about its location.

Due to low performance factor is not recommended. put the device on the window. As for the rest, the main thing is to follow the recommendation mentioned above. Maximum performance of any type of humidifier is guaranteed if it intercepts and neutralizes the effects of the heater, acting as a moisturizing “shield” between the heat source and the owner.

As can be seen from the ranking, the most common ultrasonic and steam humidifiers.At the heart of the work steam humidifier lies the principle of heating water to evaporation. The moisture thus obtained is ejected through the nozzle while under pressure. When water is heated, it is purified and the steam is purified. Humidifiers of this type will be more relevant to the children's room or in a room where you want to keep the air not only humidified, but also cleaner. The disadvantage of such devices is too fast consumption of moisture due to heating.

Ultrasonic humidifier differs from the steam principle of operation. In contrast to the latter, the release of fine dust through a nozzle occurs due to the crushing of water droplets using an ultrasonic wave. Heating inside the device is not carried out, so steam almost always remains at room temperature. The downside is the lack of any cleaning or filtration, only humidification.

Which humidifier to choose, steam or ultrasonic, depends on the needs: both cope well with their functions, but each in its own area. Where minimum cleaning is necessary, steam will be preferable.

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