Rating of storage electric water heaters

Probably every one of them has ever encountered the problem of lack of hot water: in a country house, cottage, or even in a city apartment in the summer season. In such situations, water heaters are very helpful. They are valued for convenience, compactness, and most importantly - efficiency. To date, the choice of instantaneous and storage water heaters is so diverse that before buying you will have to carefully weigh the pros and cons. We, in turn, bring to your attention the ranking of the best storage electric water heaters for 2017.

10. Polaris RMPS-50V

The tenth line of the rating is taken by the Polaris brand electric storage water heater. You can safely buy this unit, as in a private house, and in the apartment. The volume of the water tank is 5 liters, and this is enough for a shower, and for everyday tasks like washing dishes. The maximum temperature of water heating is 75 ° C.Power consumption - 2 kW, at the disposal of the owner there are three steps of heating power - 700/1300/2000 W.

Worth noting pretty durable tankmade of stainless steel and protected from corrosion (magnesium anode coating). The water heater is mounted on the wall, the installation is strictly vertical. Of the useful functions available: a thermometer, protection against overheating, residual current device (to prevent electric shock). The package additionally includes a safety valve.

 Polaris RMPS-50V boiler

  1. Heats up quickly.
  2. Easy connection and installation.
  3. Stainless steel tank ensures a long service life.
  4. Compactness, rather small weight.
  5. Reasonable price: from 8,910 to 9,225 rubles.
  1. Strong noise at the water supply.
  2. According to many buyers, in the process of operation, the heating element quickly fails.

Prices Polaris RMPS-50V:

9. Electrolux EWH 30 Royal

Often, when looking for the answer to the question which equipment is better to buy, the well-known brand becomes the decisive factor. Our top is no exception, so we award ninth place to models of the famous brand Electrolux. This water heater is even lighter than the previous model described by us - only 9 kg. The volume of the water tank is 30 liters,the inner tank itself is made of stainless steel (additional corrosion protection is provided). Productivity - 2 l / min. TENA power - 2 kW.

To save electricity, it is better to choose the mode of half power, as well as incomplete heating of water up to 55 ° C at maximum temperature up to 75 ° C

There are layered safety system: protection against heating without water, protection against overheating, RCD, safety valve included in the scope of supply.

 Electrolux EWH 30 Royal boiler

  1. Compactness.
  2. The presence of economy mode.
  3. Good for a small country house.
  4. Convenient management. You can adjust the level of heating water.
  5. Inclusion Indicators.
  6. Anti-corrosion properties of stainless steel from which the tank is made.
  7. Anti-scale protection with magnesium anode.
  1. Small tank capacity.
  2. The valve may leak directly during operation.
  3. High cost (6,964.00 p. To 13,800.00 p.), Considering all the declared characteristics.

Prices Electrolux EWH 30 Royal:

8. Haier ES80V-D1

The eighth place among the best water heaters is Haier ES80V-D1. This unit of 80 liters, equipped with a single stainless steel heating elements with a maximum power consumption of 2 kW. The tank has an internal enamel coating,additionally there is an anti-corrosion coating of magnesium anode. Thus, the risk of tank melting and scaling inside is significantly reduced. This device, like the previous ones in the rating, is mounted on the wall and made upright. There are three levels of protection: from overheating, from overpressure and from switching on without water. It is connected to a standard outlet, also in the presence of indicators on the device.

 Haier ES80V-D1 boiler

  1. Tank with triple protection against melting, corrosion, acids.
  2. Acceptable price. The price range in various stores is quite wide: from 7,900.00 rubles. up to 17 990.00 p.
  3. The minimum heat losses thanks to the heat-insulating layer from polyurethane foam.
  4. Easy installation.
  5. Spaciousness of the tank.
  6. Valve does not leak during operation.
  7. No noise when heated.
  8. Manufacturer's warranty up to 7 years.
  1. Despite the declared power, heating lasts a long time - up to 2.5 hours.
  2. A strong click at the beginning of the water heating and when the device is turned off.

Prices Haier ES80V-D1:

7. Ariston ABS VLS EVO INOX QH 80

Before buying a device for heating water, many people wonder what is leading in quality: a flow-through water heater or a storage water heater? The first saves space, but water flows through it much less.But among the electric storage water heaters can be identified very roomy models, especially the brand Ariston. One of them - Ariston ABS VLS EVO INOX QH 80 - ranks seventh top. Tank capacity - 80 liters, power - 2.5 kW. You can heat the water to 80 ° C, which distinguishes the model among similar in characteristics. You can install a heater both horizontally and vertically. The tank is made of stainless steel, the inner coating consists of the same material. The unit is certainly reliable, but not everyone can afford the cost: from 17,270 to 24,732 rubles.

 Boiler Ariston ABS VLS EVO INOX QH 80

  1. Capacity, reliability.
  2. Good power.
  3. Two types of installation.
  4. The presence of the display.
  5. Stylish appearance.
  6. Sturdy case.
  7. Stainless Steel Tank
  8. Sophisticated protection system, self-diagnosis.
  • High price.
  • Big weight (27 kg), large dimensions.

Prices Ariston ABS VLS EVO INOX QH 80:

6. Zanussi ZWH / S-50 Premiero

Another model that can be purchased in the house - Zanussi ZWH / S-50 Premiero. A good option for those who are used to save and at the same time expect decent quality. Consider the main technical parameters: tank volume - 50 liters, power - 1.5 kW. The maximum water heating is standard - up to 75 ° С, this limit can be controlled.The body is made of composite materials, the inner coating of the tank is made of enamel. Among similar boilers of an average price category (from 5,850.00 to 6,750.00 rubles), this model is distinguished by the presence of several points of dismantling.

You can connect a water heater for use at the same time in different rooms: for example, in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

 Boiler Zanussi ZWH S-50 Premiero

  1. Low cost.
  2. Simple control.
  3. The ability to save electricity by limiting the temperature.
  4. Smooth adjustment of temperature.
  5. Auto power on and off features.
  6. Heating time is about one and a half hours.
  1. Not the most reliable TEH, can proceed.
  2. Lack of residual current device
  3. No display.
  4. The case is less durable than the more expensive models.

Prices Zanussi ZWH / S-50 Premiero:

5. Heateq FEA 50 V

Heateq FEA 50 V model continues the ranking of the best storage electric water heaters for 2017. The volume is 50 liters and the maximum power is 2 kW. There are also several points of water pumping, which is convenient in a city apartment. The body is made of white plastic, the inner coating of the tank is made of stainless steel. The design provides 2 TENA. The temperature can be adjusted to your liking.In general, the model stands out among water heaters in terms of reliability and compactness. The weight of the unit is only 12 kg.

 Boiler Heateq FEA 50 V

  1. Quick install.
  2. Quality materials details.
  3. Efficient water heating.
  4. Automatic on and off, indication.
  5. The presence of a magnesium anode.
  6. Nice design.
  7. Affordable price: 11 499 rubles.

Of the minuses, you can select only small capacity in 50 l, because, given the stated price, the volume of the tank could be much more.

Prices Heateq FEA 50 V:

4. De Luxe W50V

Another economical water heater model for the home is the De Luxe W50V. Specifications are quite standard: the volume of the tank in 50 liters, power 1.5 kW. The maximum water pressure does not exceed 8 atm. Temperature limit can be limited as desired. There is a power indicator. Only vertical installation with lower connection is available. The case is plastic, does not take up much space. The inner tank is equipped with a coating of glass-ceramic, quite durable and of high quality. The cost of this model De Luxe varies from 5 100 to 6 900 rubles.

 Boiler De Luxe W50V

  1. Easy to operate, no extra features.
  2. The protection system is represented by a safety valve.
  3. There is a protective magnesium anode.
  4. Low cost.
  5. Compact, unusual boiler shape.
  6. The ability to use multiple points of water pumping.
  1. Weak power in 1.5 kW.
  2. Poorly regulated temperature.

Prices De Luxe W50V:

3. Thermex Praktik IRP 100 V

In third place is the Thermex Praktik IRP 100 V water heater with a rounded case made of a composite material: metal and plastic. TEN and an internal covering of a tank are made of stainless steel. The volume of the tank is impressive - 100 liters, power - 2.5 kW. There are three levels of power, it can be regulated, as well as the temperature of water heating, the heating element is heated to a maximum of 74 ° C. Included additionally comes safety valve. Safety operation provides overheating protection, automatic shutdown. The purchase of this unit will cost 8 750.00 - 13 005.00 rubles.

 Boiler Thermex Praktik IRP 100 V

  1. High quality materials.
  2. The case from shock-resistant plastic with thermal insulation.
  3. Smooth regulation of temperature.
  4. Maintain heating at a set level.
  5. Illuminated buttons.
  6. Silent work.
  1. Lack of display.
  2. Large size.
  3. Pretty complicated installation.

Prices Thermex Praktik IRP 100 V:

2. Electrolux EWH 100 Formax DL

Studying the question of which boiler is better to choose, we again turned to the Electrolux brand. The second place is occupied by the Electrolux EWH 100 Formax DL model with a capacity of 100 liters.The power of the unit is 2 kW, but it can be easily adjusted in order to save energy consumption. The maximum temperature of water heating is 75 ° C. The inner coating of the tank is enameled.

There are two installation options: horizontal and vertical, thus, you can mount the unit to your liking.

The design provides two heaters (one with a capacity of 0.8 kW, the other - 1.2 kW.) It is worth noting that both heating elements are dry, that is, they do not have direct interaction with water. If one of the heating elements fails, it will not affect the work of the boiler: the second will continue to heat the water. Management is carried out using an electronic panel, there is a convenient display. Cost: from 14,035 to 18,243 rubles.

 Boiler Electrolux EWH 100 Formax DL

  1. High-quality materials of the case and tank.
  2. Spaciousness.
  3. Thermal insulation using polyurethane foam.
  4. Protect tank system for internal coating of the tank (glass-enamel alloy, as well as anodized magnesium).
  5. The function of accelerated heating.
  6. Overheat protection, RCD.
  7. Universality of installation.
  1. Prolonged water heating (with the accelerated heating off).
  2. Heavy weight, 31 kg.
  3. High price.

Prices Electrolux EWH 100 Formax DL:

1. Ariston ABS PRO R 120V

We listed the best water heaters for the home and found out which storage units are preferable to use. We represent the leader of our rating - Ariston ABS PRO R 120V. Tank capacity - 120 liters, power consumption - 1.8 kW. The cost of the device is 8 781 - 13 140 rubles. The temperature to which you can heat the water is 75 ° C. The unit is equipped with several points of water intake. The maximum allowable working pressure is 8 atm. This model can only be mounted in a vertical position. Control mechanical, but temperature adjustment can be done without problems.

In addition, Ariston has equipped its water heater with a unique ABS safety system with an integrated safety switch. By the way, the ABS PRO series represents several water heaters, which differ from each other in some technical parameters. It is difficult to determine which is better, therefore, when choosing devices of this line rely on your tastes and needs.

 Boiler Ariston ABS PRO R 120V

  1. Built-in corrosion protection, lime scale.
  2. The possibility of water purification.
  3. Thermal insulation due to polyurethane.
  4. System of convenient distribution of water in a tank.
  5. Tank capacity.
  6. Attractive design.
  7. The presence of a magnesium anode.
  8. Overheat protection, safety valve included.

Essential minuses at this model it is not revealed. Some users have tagged valve flow back pressure during long operation. The manufacturer gives a guarantee on this model for a period of up to 7 years.

Prices Ariston ABS PRO R 120V:


In order to understand which water heater is better, it is necessary to carefully consider the technical characteristics of the models and especially to pay attention to parameters such as build quality, tank volume, power. They determine the efficiency and efficiency of the boiler. In addition, you should know exactly which boiler you need: flow-through or storage. The electric flow-through device for heating water has its advantages, for example, compactness, usability and fast heating. We presented the top cumulative boilers and we hope that our recommendations will be useful, and will be useful in the future when buying.

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