What iron is better to choose in 2018

What iron is better to choose? Much of the purchase will depend on the requirements put forward by the buyer to the purchased device. In 2018, many well-known brands will update their lineup. Some of the most popular devices will receive only light structural improvements. Others, the demand for which turned out to be somewhat lower, will undergo serious changes. Anyway, it is necessary to choose from a number of manufacturers representing new products and devices that successfully compete with them throughout 2017. Next will be considered the 5 best models of irons.

5. Bosch TDA 2325

In fifth place is the iron from a popular brand in Russia, which has its own production facilities around the world. The Bosch company has more than a century of history and is famous for the widest list of manufactured equipment. The main advantages of this model are reliability and the price of 1670 rubles. The maximum power of the device up to 1800 watts.The sole material is durable metal ceramics. There is a continuous steam supply function with the possibility of manual adjustment, on average, 20 g / min.

 Bosch TDA 2325

Unfortunately, automatic steam supply in this model is not provided. This circumstance is partially smoothed by the possibility of a so-called. "Steam blow" up to 50 g / min, as well as the possibility of vertical steaming of clothes.

May also please the presence spray optionswhich is not in every initial model. Liquid container is small, total volume 220 ml. The design is reliably protected from scaling and has a self-cleaning function. The model is not equipped with an anti-droplet system, but this is not critical - in most cases it is quite possible to do without it. The power cable is attached to the body by means of a ball mechanism, its length is 1.8 meters. In the configuration there is a glass for measuring the liquid poured into the container. The weight of the iron is only 1.2 kg, the dimensions are convenient for storage and transportation. In general, given the average cost in retail, the device can be called remarkably balanced. It does not cause problems in everyday use,quite rarely fails and almost devoid of any serious design flaws. With proper care, the device will last long enough.

  • reliability;
  • high degree of wire insulation;
  • low power consumption;
  • classic design;
  • convenient long cord;
  • price;
  • plastic housing;
  • light;
  • comfortable dimensions.
  • equipment;
  • fragile measuring cup;
  • insufficiently informative indication.

Prices Bosch TDA 2325:

4. Panasonic NI-E610TVTW

The manufacturer Panasonic is betting on the price / quality ratio and has a remarkable recognition among domestic consumers. The products of this brand are represented by an exhaustive list of household appliances, among which is the NI-E610TVTW iron model. The average price tag on the device is 1950 p. The first thing to note ispower 2380 W, which is much higher than price competitors.

Also, this device has a sole made of solid titanium, and not ceramic, like most.

 Panasonic NI-E610TVTW

There is an option of constant steam supply with the ability to adjust the intensity level up to 25 g / min. Automatic paragenerator is not provided, but in most situations, mechanical adjustment allows you to do without it.The steam boost function has a head up to 84 g / min. You can otparivat clothes upright. There is a functional moisture spray.

The reservoir for the liquid is small, only 200 ml, but it is enough for one complete ironing. On the case there is a power indicator. The control unit is equipped with a function auto shut off. The power cord is attached to the body through a ball mechanism and has the classic 1.8 meters of useful length. The weight of the iron is slightly more than a kilogram. The handle has a comfortable grip and easily fits in your hand. Dimensions allow you to perform various manipulations without constraint of movement. The model is quite functional. Praise deserves and body strengthThat is confirmed by numerous reviews. Given the cost of the device and its main characteristics, we can safely recommend it to a wide range of buyers aimed at a device for an entry-level home.

  • price;
  • strong body;
  • comfortable grip;
  • dimensions;
  • weight;
  • classic design;
  • pleasant colors;
  • high performance;
  • long power cord;
  • high level of security.
  • equipment;
  • no automatic steam generator;
  • complaints about the formation of scale.

Prices Panasonic NI-E610TVTW:

3. UNIT USI-192

Top 3 opens the model from the brand “Unit”. The best budget irons should meet all modern criteria of reliability, and the USI-192 model copes well with this task. In terms of quality and reliability, this model can compete with more eminent brands for its right in the ranking of the best models. The cost of this device is only 1050 rubles, which is significantly lower than the devices discussed above. The perfect solution for those who do not want to overpay for the options they do not need, wanting to get their hands on a classic iron.

Peak power of 2200 watts. The sole is made of a single piece of stainless steel, which ensures its durability and high slip performance on the surface of clothing. There is an option of constant steam with manual adjustment. Automatic paragenerator is not provided. In the presence of steam blow option with vertical steaming.


We should also commend the sprinkling function, which is implemented in a very interesting way on this model, and it is very convenient to use it.

The design provides protection against the formation of scale. The model is equipped with an option of self-cleaning and even anti-droplet system. The network cable is slightly shorter than usual, its length is 1.5 meters, but the attachment to the case is still carried out in the most durable and convenient way - by means of a ball mechanism. Despite the fact that the device does not have an automatic shutdown function, it has an electronics that is very resistant to voltage drops. This provides the model with a longer operating cycle, making it one of the most reliable on the market. The device is an initial level, which is suitable as a second device, and the main, because all necessary for the model is available.

  • price;
  • strong body;
  • elastic power cord;
  • reliable fastening system;
  • good performance;
  • convenient sprinkling;
  • smooth surface of the sole;
  • classic design;
  • implementation of the mechanism of the steam generator;
  • possibility of vertical steaming
  • equipment;
  • no auto off function;
  • no automatic steam adjustment.

Prices UNIT USI-192:

2. Tefal GV5246

In the second place ranking of irons is a model from Tefal. This model is a model. premium class, possessing the broadest list of functionality. The cost of the iron is 14268 p. The maximum power of 2135 watts. It can be immediately noted that this is far from the highest figure even in the middle class, but this figure should not be deterred by a potential buyer, because the optimization of power and performance chosen here is wonderful. The sole of the model is made using a unique technology. ultragliss diffusion from strong metal ceramics. There is a complete steam generator with a maximum steam pressure of 4.5 bar. There is also a function of constant steam with the ability to control up to 90 g / min. The implementation of the steam blow is at a high level, the vertical steaming is designed very conveniently.

Special mention deserves a reservoir for the liquid: its volume is equal to one liter. This amount of water should be enough for any (even the most unpredictable) needs.

Of the additional features worth noting eco-option, as well as the presence of the locking system of the iron itself. The model shows remarkable warm-up performance: in just 8 minutes, the iron is heated to working condition.The device is equipped with an additional compartment in which you can store the power cord and hose for steam supply. Despite the high cost, the model has the broadest functionality and is the standard of reliability. It can be safely recommended to those who are not ready to make price compromises, wanting to choose one option due to the absence of the other and those who know that you need to pay for quality and functionality. It is easy and pleasant to use this model, it leaves only positive emotions.

  • functionality;
  • comfortable grip;
  • storage compartment for cord and hose;
  • strong body;
  • unusual design;
  • reliability;
  • high functionality;
  • eco-option;
  • large fluid reservoir;
  • full steam generator;
  • sole material.
  • price;
  • equipment;
  • no splashing option.

Prices Tefal GV5246:

1. Philips GC 3811/77 Azur Performer

The best iron with steam generator today's rating from the brand Philips. The price of the model is 4299 p., Which automatically relates it to the middle class of devices. This price includes an excellent set of features. Peak power apparatus up to 2400 watts. The sole distinguishes patented manufacturing technology SteamGlide Plus. The sole material has improved slip performance across all types of fabric and is not resistant to external influences and damage. There is a constant steam supply with a maximum range of up to 40 g / min. Also, the iron is equipped with automatic adjustment of steam and the steam boost function with a maximum load of up to 160 g / min. There is a vertical steamer for clothes. The spraying mechanism is ergonomically built into the body of the apparatus, the volume of the reservoir for the liquid is 300 ml. The device is protected from scaling and has a self-cleaning system.

 Philips GC 3811

A nice bonus is the presence of an anti-drip system.

The power cord has a comfortable length of 2 meters with ball mount to the device. The nose of the iron is also made by a unique technology. Triple Precision. The weight of the device is 1.375 kg. Dimensions are standard, but the handle is very comfortable in the hand: even after long ironing in the brush there is no feeling of fatigue. Given the cost and manufacturability of the device, we can expect a high demand for the model under consideration, which is due to the above-mentioned compromise between the relatively affordable price and an attractive filling.The device will be of interest to a wide range of consumers wishing to purchase a mid-level device with additional features.

  • price;
  • reliability;
  • functionality;
  • performance;
  • the convenience of use;
  • stylish appearance;
  • strong body;
  • long power cord;
  • dimensions;
  • comfortable grip;
  • quality from a trusted manufacturer.
  • equipment;
  • poor anti-scale protection;
  • sensitive to voltage drops.

Prices Philips GC 3811/77 Azur Performer:


The rating of high-quality devices, as usual, was headed by time-tested reliable brands. All considered models show consistently good results and are reliable and functional irons. Any of them can be considered as an acquisition, but first you need to decide what requirements are put forward to the future gadget. If in the first place the implementation of basic functions, then overpay for a wide list of add-ons is not necessary. Connoisseurs of comfort and everyone who is used to being at the very peak of technological progress, you can see the models of middle and high class from the presented top-5.Before you buy your favorite model, you should compare it with the main price competitors, study the comparative table of characteristics and read the reviews. Most often this is enough to get a superficial understanding of the positioning of a particular model on the market.

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