Features of robotic vacuum cleaners with smart navigation

A robot vacuum cleaner is an automatic unit capable of cleaning premises without human intervention, since it is endowed with elements of artificial intelligence. The first robotic household cleaning machines appeared at the beginning of the XXI century, and in fifteen years the equipment in this segment has significantly evolved. The robot cleaner has learned not only to bypass obstacles well due to different sensors, but also build a room map, planning a route based on it. In the produced models of "smart" technology with cartography, this feature is implemented by different methods.

 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Applicable navigation technology

Currently, manufacturers offer models with building a map of the room, based on different methods:

  • using the camera;
  • by means of a laser range finder.

Both variants of the room mapping allow the electronics to save in memory the parametric data of the room, and on the basis of them to draw up an optimal movement plan. At the same time, the latest generation of robot-cleaner makes cleaning more qualitatively than its predecessors working on the principle of spiral or diagonal movement.

Robot vacuum cleaner with camera

An automatic vacuum cleaner with a camera works according to the following principle: the sensor lens captures the surfaces of the ceiling, walls, and window doorways during movement. The pictures are saved and processed by the hardware-software mechanism of the robot. As a result of this quick processing, a route is created along which cleaning is performed.

Some manufacturers went further, endowing the model with technology of comparison and adjustment of routes.

 Robot vacuum cleaner with camera

Robots with a camera can do a lot:

  • build a route
  • interrupt the cleaning process for recharging,
  • find the base station location without any problems,
  • continue to work with the already tidy places.

Negative navigation through the camera experts call insufficient cleaning quality and malfunctions in poor room lighting.

Laser technology

The room map in these models is based on a different principle. On top of the device there is a special design in the form of a turret, in which it is embedded laser rangefinder. This device makes measurements of the parameters of all items encountered on the way of the auto-cleaner. Information is processed by the processor unit. Thus, the vacuum cleaner builds a route.

 Vacuum cleaner with a laser rangefinder

Robots with laser measuring equipment can:

  • remove all accessible places in the room carefully;
  • good orientation in any light;
  • periodically self-recharge from the base;
  • continue cleaning after recharging, taking into account the areas covered by the room.


  • mirrors to the floor are perceived as a continuation of the room by a laser, and the robot may get stuck in vain attempts to go further;
  • dark color of the furniture absorbs laser radiation, which prevents successful navigation of the machine;
  • a robot with a turret can not squeeze through to bottlenecks (under the cabinet, for example).

Popular models with cartography

The model of the Korean brand iCLEBO Omega presented on the Russian market is different, according to users, the high quality of cleaning due to the function of building a floor plan (equipped with a camera) HEPA-11 filters and sensors recognize dirt and dust. There is a function of wet cleaning. This powerful robotic unit can be used in rooms up to 120 sq.m. Cycle work on one battery charge 80 min.

 iCLEBO Omega

A significant noise level and the inability to adjust the cleaning process by day are those small drawbacks that are compensated for by a mass of merit.

The cost of the model is from 40,000 rubles.

Apparatus iRobot Roomba 980, though originally from China, but quite deservedly popular. Its cycling time margin is 120 minutes. The noise level is small, 55 dB. Convenient programming of the cleaning schedule with the ability to set both hours and days of the week. The unit is able to clean the premises up to 150 sq.m. There are good filters installed, a roomy dust collector 1 liter, it is possible remote launch via wifi. Suitable for dry and wet cleaning. The downside is that the cost of this model with a camera is quite high: from 53,000 rubles.

 iRobot Roomba 980

Neato Botvac Connected is a universal device of the American brand. He is capable of high-quality cleaning of any coatings, including carpet. This model cartography is built based on laser range finder. The device is equipped with the latest generation of unique HEPA filters, the battery provides up to 1.5 hours of battery life. The robot is able to efficiently cope with cleaning the premises up to 150 sq.m. It is convenient to carry out adjustment of operating modes of the automatic machine by means of the LCD display. Also here implemented remote control of the device via a Wi-Fi module. The main disadvantage of the model is the high price of 62,000 rubles.

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