Types of robot vacuum cleaners

Cleaning is an event that takes considerable time. And just this resource is especially lacking for a working person: it makes sense to resort to the help of special automated assistants. When choosing a robot vacuum cleaner, you can encounter different types of this technique. Consider the most common of them and highlight the key features.

Types of automated cleaners for different flooring

The main task of the smart device is cleaning the rooms, and this function is performed by the technician completely on the machine. Externally, the device looks like a small disk or a rectangle, which moves on rubber wheels around the house.Moving according to a predetermined schedule, the device will react to pollution, bypass obstacles and will not collapse from a height. It feeds such an assistant from battery. Technique, as a rule, has a very high price.

 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

To date, there are such main types of robotic vacuum cleaners:

  • for dry cleaning;
  • with wet cleaning;
  • multifunction device;
  • floor polisher.

For dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is carried out by the simplest model, the principle of which is supposed to be the functioning of a well-known vacuum cleaner.. The process is as follows: dirt, crumbs, wool occurring on the way of the apparatus is captured with the help of small brushes and drawn into the intended container. Small particles usually remain on the filter.

You can also use this model for short pile carpets.

Good examples of such devices are brands Foxcleaner, Iclebo Omega, Iboto Optic, Arnagar Q5 and others. budget options.

 Arnagar Q5

Arnagar Q5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Floor cleaning

The second type of robots is set to mopping. To do this, he sprays water in front of him and rubs the floor. After that dirty water is sucked into a special container. To remove the remaining drops, at the very end, the robot uses silicone and rubber scraper. In some models, drying takes place using a vacuum.

With all its obvious advantages, such a vacuum cleaner is not suitable for long pile carpets, wooden flooring, parquet flooring and laminate flooring without a waterproof coating.

Such offers with the function of wet cleaning are in Kitfort 503. Gutrend Style 200 Aqua is also interesting with a 450 ml aqua filter.

 Kitfort 503

Kitfort 503 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Combined model

For an apartment or house of a large square with a considerable number of households, a 2 in 1 model is useful: it combines the capabilities of the two types described above, that is, it is suitable for dry and wet cleaning. Such units can be found in Xrobot FOX cleaner, Panda x1000 Super ProJet, Ziclean tornado

 Panda X1000

Panda X1000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Polotter with a turbo brush copes with cleaning smooth and carpet surfaces. A damp microfiber cloth is used on the floors, and a turbo-brush on carpet surfaces. The device perfectly saves power to owners of long-haired pets. Top Offers - IRobotRoomba 980, Neato botvac d85, Philips fc8710

 IRobotRoomba 980

Robot vacuum cleaner IRobotRoomba 980

What brushes are used in the device

Arguing about the choice of such an assistant, it will be relevant to raise the topic of brushes used in it.In simple models, they are only lateral, but if the device belongs to the premium version, then the number of brushes can reach three in it. Central turbo brush located on the bottom. Most often it consists of several rows of rubber petals fixed on the axis of rotation. Many models have two similar parts that rotate towards each other, which is more effective in collecting dust. In this case, one of the brushes of the doublet is made of silicone, which allows you to more effectively collect hair and wool. At the edges of the model are two or three brushes that are well removed in the corners and along the walls.

 Central turbo brush

All these components interact in this way. Side brushes the robot picks up trash, guiding it towards the main brush.

 Side brush

It is better if the side brushes are longer - this approach will remove up to 96% of dust, dirt and debris even in hard-to-reach places.

The silicone (in some models - rubber) turbo brush rotates at high speed, about 850 rpm, and sweeps up the garbage in the dust collector. In the budget version, the device works without a turbo brush. Next comes the powerful turbo engine,which sucks the smallest dust particles inside the dust collector (a special filter will hold it there). The expensive models are also built dust detection sensors, which will inform about the need to increase the suction power in particularly contaminated areas.

 Robot vacuum cleaner under the sofa

In the most advanced robot vacuum cleaners, the brush modules have a floating base: this know-how allows you to completely repeat the contour of the floor surface during cleaning. This will help ensure the best results. And the high force with which the garbage is further absorbed does not allow him to linger on this part.

Does the robot need self-cleaning function

The functionality of the device may include a useful self-cleaning function. Its relevance lies in the fact that the user does not need to shake out the dust collector of the robot itself - the smart equipment will do all the work for the person.

 With autonomous self-cleaning station

Robot vacuum cleaner with stand-alone self-cleaning station ECOVACS DEEBOT R98

This happens as follows: if in the process of work the garbage collector is filled to a conditional point, and the device still “sees” uncleaned places in the room, the robot is sent to the base. There he conducts self-cleaning container.Next, the device is sent to continue cleaning exactly from the place from which it retreated. The whole operation can go on countless times - until the required final completion. This feature is perfect for large rooms, so as not to interrupt the cleaning process.

Immediately it is worth making a reservation: not every robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a similar function. Self-cleaning models can be listed on fingers: Siemens VSR8000, Karcher RC3000 (4000), Ecovacs Deebot D76 and Samsung Navibot SR8980.

 Samsung Navibot SR8980

Samsung Navibot SR8980 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

By the way, the Samsung Navibot SR8980 docking station will not only empty the dust collector, but also clean the main brush.

So this possibility is, indeed, relevant. It is especially recommended to purchase devices with a base for self-cleaning for cleaning the apartment for people suffering from asthma and allergies - they will be much less likely to face irritating factors.. And for all other users, a properly selected robot vacuum cleaner will become not just another know-how toy, but a good helper in the fight for cleanliness at home.

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