The review of the novelties of refrigerators in 2018

Household refrigerators continue to improve every year. Manufacturers of well-known world brands strive to equip them with the latest technical developments, which not only increases the usability of new models, but also makes them particularly attractive. Consider what new products offer major market players in 2018.

Fashion market trends

Refrigerators with an upper freezer are considered traditional, but now the reverse layout is increasingly common. Both options are equally well amenable to innovation. In addition, the undoubted trend of 2018 can be called side by side refrigerators. A feature of such models is the location of cameras parallel to the vertical, the so-called "American standard".

Choosing such a refrigerator, it is worth considering that its dimensions are much larger.The height can reach 2.2 m, and the depth - 95 cm. It has from 2 to 4 doors that open, as in a regular cabinet.

At CES 2018that sets the fashion for appliances, there were many models of refrigerators with smart control systems and unusual features. Today you can buy a refrigerator with a remote control from a smartphone or with a built-in computer for Internet access, watching movies. A modern refrigerator is no longer just a place to store food, but a smart high-tech kitchen assistant.

 Refrigerator with Internet access

If you follow the emergence of the most interesting innovations in the field of refrigeration equipment and strive to keep up with the times, this article will help you in choosing the best refrigerator for your home.


This silver refrigerator, made of durable plastic and metal, has an elegant coating of textured steel. It is designed to provide high-quality storage of products for a large family. It has an impressive size of 178.4 x91.2x75.4 cm with a weight of 195 kg. Internal layout includes three camerasShared through four doors. The volume of the freezer is 187 liters, and the total compartment is 436 liters.

 Refrigerator LG LSR100RU with closed doors

 Refrigerator LG LSR100RU with open doors

In the manufacture of shelves and drawers used shock-resistant glass and stainless steel. Internal LED lights makes it easy to find the right product even in a crowded compartment.

 Shelves with shockproof glass

Inverter type compressor works with isobutane refrigerant R600a. When it is turned on, the noise level does not exceed 39 dB. Energy class A ++.

Important! This model has an electronic control system with the ability to receive signals from a smartphone.

The following features are among the interesting features of this brand.

  1. Front Panel Equipment mirror glass on the system InstalViewTm Door-in-Door. After a light double knock, it becomes transparent, which allows you to check the contents of the chamber without letting out cold air.
     InstalViewTM Door-in-Door

  2. Auto Open Door functionopening the door of the refrigerator in automatic mode. To do this, just foot on the illuminated area on the floor near the special sensor.
  3. Hygiene Fresh + hygienic filter, eliminating odors by means of forced circulation of internal air through the apparatus with a nozzle that traps extraneous inclusions.

  4. CustomChill box with the ability to customize the cooling mode for storing a variety of products.


A large and convenient refrigerator with dimensions of 1825x908x733 mm has 4 doorsfacilitating access to each of the three working compartments. The right lower compartment at the choice of the owner can serve as a refrigerator and freezer.

 SAMSUNG RF9000 Refrigerator

 SAMSUNG RF9000 door open

The color of the case "Elegant Steel" will successfully fit into the interior of any modern kitchen. Recessed handles do not interfere with the passage. Built-in LED illumination helps to navigate in the inner space. The temperature in the refrigerating chamber is fine-tuned, with all the necessary readings displayed on the display.

Interesting technologies are also used in this model.

  1. System control and optimization of temperature Triple Cooling effectively supports cold, increases moisture, removes odors.
     Triple cooling
  2. Freshness mode at -1aboutWITH best suited for laying meat and fish for a long time.
     Fresh mode
  3. Flush-open doors help improve camera visibility.
  4. Availability folding transformer shelf allows you to install large items.
     Shelf transformer
  5. Increased thickness of the compartments in the doors gives you the opportunity to put there bottles of various sizes.


Universal white refrigerator consists of a fridge and freezer. Each of them has its own door, opening more than 90about, which facilitates the rearrangement of shelves and product extraction. The material of the main parts of the body are metal and plastic. The shelves are made of glass. External dimensions 185x60x65 cm suitable for any kitchen.


This model electronic control system. The class of electricity consumption is A +. The noise level in the process does not exceed 40 dB.

We list the features of the model, which distinguish it from other refrigerators.

  1. Super freeze mode allows you to freeze a large number of products loaded into the freezer at room temperature without the threat of thawing the blanks placed there before. At the same time, taste and nutritional qualities of food are best preserved.
  2. AirFresh carbon filter systemThe capacity of which is enough for the entire estimated lifetime of the refrigerator effectively removes all unpleasant odors.
  3. Supercool option does not allow the temperature to rise when laying there new products.
  4. NoFrost technology maintains the required temperature regime without the formation of ice and the need to periodically defrost the freezer compartment.
  5. Sophisticated system forced air ventilation MultiAirflow evenly distributes the temperature inside each compartment.
  6. Devices Thermal mode control FreshSense guarantee the accuracy of achieving a given level of cooling.
  7. Side and ceiling lighting of the refrigeration compartment with LED lamps provides a complete overview of the entire interior space.
  8. The storage compartment for fruits and vegetables is capable of maintaining the necessary moisture in them due to VitaFresh system.


Classic white refrigerator with freezer and refrigerator compartment has dimensions of 2005x595x647 mm. Shelf material - metal and glass in a metal frame. It has two doors with comfortable protruding handles.


The device has an electronic control system with a conclusion on display on the door. The volume of the freezer 91 liters. Energy class A +++. The noise level does not exceed 43 dB.

 AEG RCB63726OW open doors

The manufacturer of premium refrigerators also offers interesting innovations.

  1. Twintech temperature and humidity control system Maintains chilled products in optimal condition for long-term storage and subsequent preparation.
  2. Bright LED backlight provides a comfortable level of illumination of the internal space when you open the door even in the dark.
  3. Coolmatic and Frostmatic functions allow in an intensive mode to cool and freeze freshly loaded products.

Important! Each housewife will appreciate the automatic defrosting of the freezer and refrigeration compartment: it does not cause inconvenience and does not require human intervention.

 Fridge inside


The combined fridge with a lower location of the freezer has a stylish modern finish made of plastic and metal. With dimensions of 200x64x60 cm there are no problems with its placement in any room.

Energy class unit A. The noise level of 41 dB. He has two doors, equipped with a sound alarm opening. On the top of them there is touch control display. The shelves which are moved forward on the fixed distance facilitate access to distant parts of the camera.


Effective thermal insulation allows you to maintain the allowable temperature when the power is turned off for 13 hours. In general, this refrigerator has many options for maintaining the desired temperature, for example, a convenient electronic control system. Total No Frost + Technology in conjunction with Multiflow system provides uniform temperature distribution and eliminates the need for defrosting. Push & Cool and Push & instantly lower the temperature at the user's command to quickly cool or freeze new products.

All of these models are already on sale and are waiting for their customers. Become one of them and enjoy all the benefits of innovation.

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