Choosing a professional airbrush

In the course of their activities, the most diverse categories of masters are faced with the need to carry out fairly accurate painting jobs. For example, applying thin layers or processing small surfaces. At the same time, it is important for artists not only to be able to act in small volumes of paint, but also to achieve high detail, precisely drawing thin lines without colliding with streaks. Spray gun is not able to offer such features. Therefore, it is worth choosing an airbrush to solve both subtle artistic and various additional design tasks with great convenience.

What is an airbrush and how it differs from the spray gun

Technically, if we consider a purely engineering solution, the airbrush is no different from the spray gun. Here is all the usual for the mechanic-dyeing functional units:

  • compressor;
  • underwater hose;
  • paint tank;
  • adjustment means;
  • starting elements and equipment.

 Airbrush with compressor

At the same time, an airbrush is a device for, above all, fine work. The volume of paint applied is insignificant, the main difference from the spray gun is the small spot size and the minimum thickness of the formed layer.

Airbrush differs from the airbrush by the presence of nodes that are directly responsible for the variability of the nature of staining. it interchangeable nozzle with different diameters, as well as an adjusting needle, changing the flow of the working fluid. In addition, the feed change system has higher accuracy and sensitivity. Unlike the spray gun, the device operates with small volumes of paint and air flow.

Appointment and airbrush features

Despite its small size, an airbrush is needed for a fairly wide audience of consumers, as it can solve a large number of tasks. With its help they draw almost photographic quality pictures with fine details. Device can used by designers in especially painting works, for painting small areas, creating edging. In principle, a special airbrush for airbrushing with a low compressor capacity successfully handles the latest task list. However, having one fairly versatile tool is always more convenient.

 Airbrush painting

The functional purpose of an airbrush, first of all, depends on the nozzle with a nozzle. Its diameter directly indicates the work that can be performed with high performance.

  1. Nozzle from 0.15 to 0.18 mm allows you to conduct very thin lines, to detail the image, to create highly artistic products.
  2. Diameter from 0.2 to 0.3 mm considered the most suitable for the average type of work. With such a nozzle, it is easy to create fairly small details and at the same time work with paint on the area, applying uniform layers.
  3. Nozzle 0.4-0.6 mm work on a large area.This is a useful tool for wall decorators interested in creating edging. The model with a thick nozzle is successfully used for applying varnishes, primers. Such a pneumatic assistant will allow you to draw the edge of the stairs and steps, to quickly and conveniently carry out other, rather delicate works that are difficult to perform with a brush and impossible with an airbrush.

It is according to the characteristics of the nozzle that the main analysis is made before buying a product.

Important! Very popular models that allow the use of different nozzles. A professional airbrush, for example, necessarily has several interchangeable nozzle heads with a different diameter of the outlet.

Adjusting needle - another part of the design that extends the functionality. Moving it to the edge of the nozzle or pushing it backward, it is easy to change the volume of paint supplied, achieving the desired thickness of the layer or overlay indicator.

 Airbrush design

Tip! If it is possible, it is better to choose an airbrush with as fine as possible adjustment of the needle position and reliable fixation of its position.

Types of airbrushes

During delicate work, the consistency of paint, the characteristics of the compressor, and the available adjustment mechanics play an important role. Beginning artists will also benefit from the ability to mix paints separately, achieving the desired color and, if necessary, conducting a test surface coating. It is for the usual mechanics and the nature of the work, as well as personal preferences is the choice of airbrush.

Airbrush with a compressor is a fairly large segment of products on the market that differ in design features. One model will work well with liquid paint, the other will do an excellent job with a thick composition. Airbrushes come in a variety of control and start-up schemes.

Flow and lockable

The main difference between different models is in the type of start-up control.. Flowing air gun does not have its own means of adjustment. Air supply from the compressor occurs at the time of its start. The operator presses the pedal, after which immediately begins the flow of color-air mixture.

Lockable models more functional. They, above all, give greater freedom of action and comfort in the performance of work.The air supply from the compressor starts after pressing the trigger on the air gun. In addition, the lockable type devices often have a system for controlling the flow and flow of paint.

Internal and external mixing

Paint in the airbrush can be mixed directly inside the device. It uses underwater tubes. In this way, accurate dosing is achieved, the uniformity of the characteristics of the color-air mixture. This type of airbrush is called internal mixing. It offers precision, adjusting the flow with a needle, other possibilities, including different paint mechanics. Such a device is quite complicated and expensive.

Devices outdoor mixing they are distinguished by simple construction and are shown to novice artists. The paint is sprayed into them immediately after it leaks from the tank, due to the capture of air from the compressor. On the mechanics of the external mixing model is very similar to spray guns, with a large diameter of the nozzle, they are an ideal tool for coloring the background or areas of large area.


Single action airbrush external mixing

Single, double action

Freedom of adjustment is another criterion by which an automatic airbrush or other model is chosen. Devices differ in the features offered.

Single action means adjustment of only one air-color mixture parameter. It can be made by air flow. The pistol grip is equipped with a mechanism that changes the flow. It is possible to obtain either a small consumption of dye for careful work with a thin layer, or intensive for actions on large areas.

Important! When controlling the flow of paint, it is easy to change the intensity of dyeing, which is convenient for people who prefer to move the handle of the instrument at a practically constant speed.

Double dependent action means a simultaneous change in the flow of paint and air. One regulator allows you to work with small parts with a minimum flow, or to process a large area while increasing the volume of air-paint mixture. In both cases, its characteristics are almost unchanged. Only feed per unit of time is regulated.

Most opportunities gives the device independent double acting. In this case, the regulator changes the flow of paint and air separately. This allows you to select the concentration and volume of the finished mixture. Shifting the control stick down - the operator increases the air flow, moving forward and backward - changes the volume of paint supplied.

Types of filing

Airbrushes differ in the type of paint supply to the mixing zone. Choosing a model with a certain mechanics, you should focus on the types of paints with which you will have to work more often.

Siphon feed

This is a classic of the genre, a simple construction, built on the Bernoulli law. The paint bottle is located at the bottom of the handle. When air is applied, the flow through the thin nozzle passes directly above the end of the colorful paint tube. The pressure in this zone drops sharply, causing the consumable to rise.

Important! On this principle, most spray guns are built, it is also used in amateur airbrushes without a compressor, the air source for which is a rubber pear.

 Siphon transmission

Gravity Feed

Airbrush with gravity feed capable work with medium flow paints. It uses two mechanics at once.The paint comes under its own weight from a container located above the handle. Additionally, the Bernoulli law works due to the action of a fast-moving stream of air.

 Gravity Feed

Hybrid feed

Hybrid feed uses overpressure. It can be either a siphon type with a lower arrangement of a container with paint, or with an upper reservoir of the handle. Airbrushes with this type of feed can work with very thick paints. With hybrid mechanics, the forces acting on the paint increase significantly. To the Bernoulli effect, external pressure is added to the mass of the consumable, at times exceeding the atmospheric pressure.

Airbrushing equipment kit

When performing the necessary work, artists do not always have a source of energy, an alternating current network. Therefore, the airbrush is considered as a separate set of equipment that is able to work from cylinders. It is possible to connect both small, with a small pressure, and massive tanks with compressed gas to it.

Offered turnkey solutions - Airbrush with compressor - more convenient for beginners. They hold the necessary balance between the maximum blower feed and the sprayer capabilities,and also other parametrics of the system. However, the list of functions of such kits is quite modest. Professional designers prefer to assemble their own set of components and equipment.

Airbrush with pistol grip

This is the main executive body of the system. An airbrush is selected based on a variety of criteria, which are partially described above. A large role is played by the size of the block, its mass, the location of regulators, tanks for paint, the supply hose and other design characteristics.

 Pistol grip

Pressure regulator

This element performs several functions at once:

  • limits the maximum pressure for the airbrush;
  • allows for quick adjustments;
  • is responsible for the overall maximum performance, the volume of the paint mixture formed per unit of time.

Important! The metal pressure regulator is indispensable when working with gas cylinders as an air source for an airbrush.

 Pressure regulator

Moisture trap

This node retains unnecessary moisturecoming from the compressor. This ensures the stability of the parameters of the paint mixture, ensures optimum adhesion characteristics and the fluidity of the applied layer.A dehumidifier is a guarantee that unnecessary splashing or blots will not occur on the surface.

 Moisture trap


The knot providing comfort of work of the performer and convenience of adjusting the parameters of the incoming air. It performs several functions:

  • regulates and measures pressure, for which it is equipped with a pressure gauge;
  • conducts fine moisture removal;
  • stabilizes flow, neutralizes pressure surges generated by compressors.

The device has small dimensions and weight, it is installed directly between the hose and the airbrush handle, constantly within the reach of the operator.

 Moisture separator and gearbox

Inlet hose

The main thing that an artist should have at his disposal is freedom of action and maneuverability. Therefore, the choice of the supply hose for the airbrush is of great importance. They must be durable, made of rubber with nylon braid or special plastic.

Tip! Today, most of the choices on the market are spiral hoses. However, practice shows that in the process of work they tend to twist. Therefore, the best choice would be a simple linear hose with a length convenient for the execution of a project.

 Inlet hose

The last device in the set of equipment for airbrushing can be oil filter. It will be needed only by designers who use screw or other types of compressors that allow droplets of oil to enter the air outlet path. The filter ensures their removal, and no effect on the characteristics of the paint mixture.


Airbrush is a fairly new tool for most designers, showing, however, growing popularity. It must be chosen carefully, taking into account all the features of use. Incorrectly chosen model will not only not satisfy the needs of the owner, but may also cause great disappointment. In the opposite case, a good airbrush will have a supply of functionality and will allow the artist not only to reveal his abilities, but also to acquire new skills.

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