Is it possible to repair the steam generator with your own hands

Household appliances have the ability to refuse at the most inopportune moment, and this happens always unexpectedly for the user. Only you are going to smooth over the washed laundry, as the steam station does not turn on, and urgent repair of the steam generator is required. Let's try to find the source of the problem.

Briefly about the design

The steam generator from any manufacturer: Tefal, Bosch or Philips, consists of three main parts: an electronic control unit, a stand, it is a station, and an iron. The package also contains special nozzles. The boiler heats the water, steam is formed, which is fed through a special hose to the iron, at the base of which there is a perforation. Coming out of the holes, steam processes the material, smoothing out any folds.

 Steam generator

The density and size of clothes do not affect the quality of its processing: you can simultaneously handle bed linen, fabrics that require delicate handling - for example, silk, as well as jeans, suits made of wool blend material or synthetics.

The household station of the steam generator, for example, Tefal, has a number of differences from the iron with stripping of the same manufacturer:

  • first, the size - it is much larger and takes up a lot of space;
  • secondly, water is poured into a separate capacity of the boiler and is heated there to form steam;
  • thirdly, the steam is not wet, but dry with a temperature of about 160 degrees;
  • processing of clothes and linen is done without touching the device as an iron, but only with steam, so you can not be afraid for the integrity of things.

The figure below shows a standard station of a steam generator brand Tefal.

 Steam generator brand Tefal


During operation, household appliances sometimes have various malfunctions that can be diagnosed by characteristic signs and repair the steam generators with their own hands. If the steam generators refuse to perform their duties, the reason may be different.

  1. The station does not supply steam - burned TEN or its contacts.There may also be incorrect operation of the boiler switch, or the steam supply button on the device is simply broken.
  2. Pressure is not regulated - the switch is broken.
  3. The device delivers steam wrong temperature - fuse blown in temperature, thermostat out of order.
  4. No voltage - one of the wires was cut off in the power cord.
  5. Bad water heating - on the walls of the tank accumulated a lot of sediment.
  6. The water level indicator is constantly lit - the sensor is broken.
     Indicator buttons on the steam generator

  7. Steam is constantly discharged through a safety valve - perhaps there is not enough water in the tank.
  8. Under the station water appeared - somewhere there is a leak, turn off the steam generator and isolate the fault.

In addition to these failures, there are many more reasons that provoke malfunctions in the operation of the steam generator.

To make a complete diagnosis of the product and repair various failures with your own hands, you need to have special equipment; you can only find and fix one simple multimeter and soldering iron.

Self repair

You can repair simple faults yourself, even if you have a Tefal steam generator, because we already wrote,that the design of all models is the same, with the exception of certain nuances. Below is a small list that shows common failures and methods for resolving them.

  1. Stopped supplying steam - check heater, fuse, solenoid valve, clean steam tube. Clear scale from boiler, replace the thermostat or hose through which steam comes to the iron.
     Steam generator inside
  2. Incorrect operation of the pressure switch - check with a multimeter. If a breakdown occurs, install a working toggle switch or microswitch.
  3. No reaction to pressing the button on the control panel - check posting integrityIf everything is normal, then replace it.
  4. The indicator of low water level in the tank is constantly on - check the level, if it is normal, then replace the sensor for the volume of liquid in the tank.
  5. The station reports that it is ready to work, but when it is pressed, the steam supply button does not go - the button is faulty, it needs to be replaced.
     Steam button
  6. Low steam pressure from perforations on the sole of the iron - check regulator, if it fails, replace it with a new one.

Of course, it is impossible to predict all cases that may occur during operation - this list can be continued indefinitely,but only faults are presented here that the user can correct by himself.

It should be borne in mind that the home master has skills in working with electrical appliances - otherwise you should not even try to disassemble or try to repair the steam generators yourself, for example, such well-known manufacturers of highly reliable and high-quality equipment like Tefal or Philips.

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Comments: 5
Andrew / 08/18/2018 at 08:12

Tefal with a steam generator after 10-15 minutes of work ceases to supply steam.Disconnecting from the network for 10 minutes and re-turning it on, the iron works with steam again, but again only for ten minutes. For all the years of use, only distilled water was always poured inside. Therefore, looking inside, everything was almost perfect cleanliness. There were no traces of tracing paper anywhere.

    Igor / 10/31/2018 at 10:12

    Thermo sensor triggers the campaign.

      Natalia February 23, 2017 at 02:11.

      I have a teal express auto control, a cat has broken through the steam supply hose, is it possible to replace the hose?

        Alexander / 01/21/2018 at 01:10

        I have this situation. Tell me. Iron steam generator Bosch Sensixx B20L stopped working normally. When I turn on the iron, at first everything works fine: the iron heats up, after a few seconds the pump turns on, water from the tank enters the steam generator. Water boils, steam is formed and after a few seconds the KSD301G temperature sensor turns off 145 degrees on the steam generator (meaning that steam is ready 145 degrees, the supply of the heating elements is turned off, the green PAR indicator light comes on). I press a button on the iron, steam comes out of the iron. After a few seconds, the steam ends, the green PAR lamp turns off. The power supply of the heating element is turned on, the pump is turned on. But here is the strangest thing.The pump works but does not pump water into the steam generator. It feels like the pump can not cope with the pressure of steam in the steam generator (about 4 bar). Thermal sensor on the steam generator KSD301G 180 gr periodically turns on and then turns off (due to the fact that there is no water), it overheats. And the pump works well but does not pump. If you can tell me what's wrong

          Sergei / 05/05/2018 at 05:07

          The pump in the iron does not work, Either its replacement, or it is necessary to repair, The valve is jammed inside the pump, It happens and the spring breaks, then it cracks and does not buzz. In general, this is checked by removing the tube at the outlet of the pump and visually monitor how much water flows.


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