Thermal power and power consumption

Thermo - a type of kitchen appliance, which combines the functions of an electric kettle and a thermos. Due to the unique design, the heated water will keep the heat for a long time and, if necessary, maintain it at a certain level. This type of device is very popular in large families and allows you to save energy costs. How much energy does a thermowat consume?


The amount of energy consumed

We will calculate the electricity consumed by the thermal steam and the ordinary kettle.

  1. Ordinary kettle. If we take as a basis that the average kettle has a capacity of 2500 kilowatts, and the boiling water will be 3 minutes, with 4 single use per day we get the following consumption: kW / month = 2.5 * (3 * 4/60) * 30 = 15 kW / months. The value obtained is the average.It may vary depending on the frequency of use and the power of the electrical device.
  2. Thermopot Suppose that the power of the device is 800 watts. Average boiling time with a volume of 4l. - 12 minutes. The device operates in the temperature maintenance mode (90 degrees) daily for 10 hours. The average power consumption for maintenance is 30 watts. Perform the calculation: kW / month = 0.8 * 0.2 * 30 + 10 * 0.03 * 30 = 13.8

As you can see, the power consumption is highly dependent on how often you use both conventional heating and temperature control mode.

For the indicated values, the difference is 1.2 kW, which is a small value.

So, the amount of energy per month that consumes a thermowat completely depends on the power of the device and on the frequency of its use. Conclusion: since many indicators of work in reality will be very different from those given, the choice of a device for heating water should be solely based on personal needs and preferences.

 Thermopot Testing

Time boiling water in thermopota

Pros and cons of the device

Like any device, thermopot has both positive and negative sides. The advantages of this type of technology can be attributed:

  • ease of use;
  • the ability to keep water hot for a long time;
  • large cover;
  • no need to tilt the device.

The constant availability of hot water is a big plus for those who want to reduce electricity consumption at a low level. This item is often decisive when choosing kitchen appliances, because it allows you to maintain a given temperature and avoid overspending for constant boiling water. A large lid and no need to tilt the device to get water will make it an excellent choice for the elderly.

 Thermopot panel

Despite all the positive qualities, there are also negative sides to thermopot:

  • relatively small power;
  • constant maintenance of water temperature consumes additional energy;
  • high degree of danger;
  • due to low power, long heating rate;
  • high price.

Thermopot has a rather small capacity - 800-1200 kW, which significantly affects the rate of heating of water. In this regard, this type of device is not suitable for fast and active life, when every spent minute counts.

In addition, there are cases when the thermopot became the cause of severe burns.This point is especially acute for children, who by their carelessness can overturn the device.

What to look for when choosing

When choosing a new device you should pay attention to the following:

  • flask volume
  • power,
  • the presence of a manual pump,
  • the presence of the display.

The volume of such devices can vary from 3 to 5 liters. Depending on your needs, it is worth choosing a device with optimal ratio of volume and power. From these factors will depend on the rate of heating of water.

Availability hand pump will help to get hot water from the thermopot even in the absence of electricity. This is true for people living in areas with unstable electric supply. Digital display simplifies the setup process, making the interface intuitive and understandable.

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