Choosing a vacuum sealer for products

A vacuum packer is a device with which you can significantly extend the shelf life of food products. This device is often found in stores where perishable products are sold. In the vacuum packer you can vacuum food - this is its main purpose. Bags with an artificially created vacuum inside can be placed in a refrigerator or freezer, where products will retain their freshness much longer than usual.

Device vacuum packer

The device looks quite simple: most often it is a small device made of standard (more often glossy) plastic. Household appliances, as a rule, have standard dimensions of 30 by 15 by 10 cm and weigh no more than a kilogram.Compact dimensions and low weight make it easy to use the device not only in the store, but also at home.

 Vacuum packing machine

The vacuum packer works according to a simple principle: after pressing the start button of the procedure, the inside of the bag is sealed, from there all the air is exhausted. It is important to rinse the products before the procedure, it is necessary for their proper storage in a vacuum state.

In some cases, the vacuum effect is also needed to store certain household items, to protect them from the damaging effects of the environment (oxidation, degenerative processes, etc.).

Using a vacuum sealer is quite simple, and this can be considered one of the main advantages of the device. Operation of the device implies special packages for the vacuum packer. It is these consumables help keep the state close to the vacuum inside. In addition to ease of use, the advantages are the long-term storage of products and the preservation of their useful properties for the duration of storage (fruits and vegetables retain the full range of vitamins in their composition).

 Vacuum bags

Types of devices

The device for vacuum packaging can be tubeless and with a special compartment forvacuuming.

Tubeless packer

The tubeless version costs much less. Food Vacuum Packer for Home does not have a camera. Air is pumped out immediately from a special package. But the lack of a camera allows you to pack not only food, but also other various items. The device can be both manual and semi-automatic. Such a device is perfect for products (meat, cheese), and for other household items, such as small-sized clothing. But, as a rule, this is where the positive aspects of the home vacuum cleaner end.

 Tubeless packer

Due to the low power and simplicity of the technology, the device simply cannot provide decent indicators of pumping oxygen from the package: as a rule, it is about 89%, against 99% in the case of professional gadgets.

Powerful household vacuum, rather, an exception to the rule. If you want high performance and conservation for a longer period, it is best to opt for a professional vacuum sealer.

Chamber unit

Chamber vacuum packer is characterized by the presence of a special compartment in which air is pumped out of the product bag. This feature imposes certain requirements on the size of the product being vacuumized. Such a device is much more expensive and works in automatic mode, having a full control panel. Industrial vacuum for products differs from home size. Its basic purpose remains the same.

  1. Vacuuming the finished product for its subsequent sale. Often, work happens with large volumes.
  2. Vacuuming expensive foodstuffs for their subsequent long-term storage during transportation (deep freezing or cooling). Evacuation helps to cope with the problem of ice, depriving many products of their taste.
  3. Evacuation of food for its preparation (the so-called "molecular kitchen").

 Chamber packer

A professional vacuum cleaner is significantly different in size, in contrast to the domestic version, it can be a desktop one, since the camera needs to be placed somewhere. Of course, an industrial vacuum sealer has more power in comparison with the kitchen. The time of its continuous operation has also been significantly increased (up to 4 hours per shift with a cycle from 10 to 30 seconds, everything depends on the size of the object being evacuated).The build quality and body material is also significantly different, and the comparison will be far from in favor of a household appliance.

There is a vacuum cleaner with gas filling option. Such vacuuming allows you to maintain the natural look and taste of food for a long time. The device itself is equipped with gas equipment with the active mixture for feeding into the chamber.

The packer can be both independent and embedded. The difference is the need for installation and the availability of space for installation in a kitchen or in an industrial environment.

 Embedded Packer

Instrument Selection Rules

It’s quite simple to choose a vacuum sealer for your home; just follow a few simple recommendations.

  1. To decide on what is required from the device: compactness or performance, functionality or affordable price, performance or ease of operation.
  2. Examine the market and choose a few favorite models, from which further comparison.
  3. Focus on a proven manufacturer, whose product quality is a positive user experience with other appliances.

 Vacuum cleaner

For household processing and subsequent storage (fruit and vegetable freezing) may be the most affordable manual version without additional technological options. For those who want to know all the delights of the new-fashioned "molecular chemistry", a comprehensive solution with the function of gas filling will suit, but you will have to pay extra for technological equipment.

 Manual vacuum

It is important to pay special attention to the material of the case, make sure that it is durable, and the details fit well together.

Popular models

Consider the four models of vacuum packers, which are worth a closer look if you plan to purchase this device.

4. Lava V100 Premium

The rating of vacuum packers for home 2017 opens the device from the well-known highly specialized brand "Lava". This is a high-tech vacuum apparatus, sold at a price of 18,794 rubles. This device is tubelessthat allows you to pack things and products of various sizes and dimensions (as far as the original packages allow). The body is made of durable high quality ABS plastic. Maximum performance is 2100 packets per hour. Power is 500 watts. The welding strip has a length of 340 mm.The device is powered from a normal home network of 220 V. The weight of the device is 4.4 kg.

 Lava V100 Premium

A distinctive feature is a convenient zapayka packages at the touch of a button.

The lid opens automatically after the end of the process. The device comes standard and one color solution without the possibility of choice. The manufacturer offers a whole year of warranty service on all components. The device has very compact dimensions, so that there is always a place on the kitchen table.

The only thing that stands out beyond the benefits is non-universal packages. Consumables can be difficult to purchase, and if they manage to find them in stock at any hardware store, the price for them can be an unpleasant surprise. Otherwise, the device turned out strong and reliable with a simple and intuitive interface, classic design. A wonderful sample of a standard household vacuum cleaner for everyday use. Suitable for domestic needs and small volumes of sealing.

  • proven and reliable manufacturer;
  • strong case from high-quality plastic;
  • high performance;
  • simple and clear from the first minutes of operation, the option "vacuum in one click";
  • low electricity consumption;
  • small sizes;
  • not heavy;
  • long service life.
  • the cost is quite high;
  • consumables are hard to find and they are not cheap;
  • length of the soldered seam.

3. DZ 260-D

The top of 2017 vacuum units continues the model from the brand DZ. This solution is primarily focused on industrial scale. The packing machine is desktop and has one chamber for air pumping. Production capacity reaches 1000 watts. Packaging is carried out with a speed of one to three bags per minute. The cost of the device is 49,400 rubles, which automatically assigns it to the all-in-one class.

The device can be operated not only in small businesses, restaurants and fast food, but also in the banking sector, as with the help of this gadget you can pack banknotes.

 DZ 260-D

For personal use you will need a rather spacious kitchen. The case of the device is completely made of stainless steel, on top is a functional transparent cover. Welding strips for two. The device is powered by a 220 V household network.The sealed contour is fixed in the range from 0.2 to 2.8 seconds, depending on the density of the seam. The device is able to work on an industrial scale, performing high-quality packaging, as food, and household items, money, small utensils, clothes (gloves, fur products, etc.) for their subsequent storage. The only significant drawback that a certain percentage of buyers can make you think is quite high price the apparatus itself. However, it uses universal packages from different manufacturers, so the maintenance of the device can significantly save. The remarkable decision for small business, both in the field of small production, and for a public catering.

  • beautiful build;
  • high degree of reliability;
  • excellent performance;
  • optimum power;
  • balanced power consumption;
  • the presence of two welding strips;
  • rapid sealing of the seam;
  • effective vacuuming;
  • classic look.
  • high price;
  • large dimensions;
  • due to the chamber type of operation, the size of the vacuumized items is limited by the volume of the compartment for objects.

2. Fimar EasyLine SBS / 300P

In search of a solution, which vacuum unit is better to buy for your home, you should take a closer look at the model from the manufacturer Finar. The model is designed primarily for domestic needs, long-term storage of small items that fit in the package and food. Due to the high degree of vacuuming products practically do not change their organic characteristics. The cost of the device is 9675 rubles. Compact dimensions allow you to store the model directly on the table. Convenient fixation allows you to effectively use the device in all conditions. A distinctive feature of the vacuum packer from “Finar” is the length of the soldered seam: it is 300 mm.

 Fimar EasyLine SBS / 300P

The device works from a conventional outlet, 220 V. The maximum power of the device with a load is only 190 W, but this is quite enough for a successful vacuum. For an hour the device is able to pump out 0.6 cubic meters of air, and this is a very good result. The manufacturer declared the level of vacuuming up to 80%. As a consumable material, branded bags or containers are used. Marked significant reduction of bacterial multiplication.

The body is made of high quality plastic.The technology is based on a dry sample pump. On the front side of the device is a digital control panel. Management options include both manual and automatic vacuum. Thanks to efficient soldering technology, finished products can be maintained even longer than the stated period. A wonderful solution, affordable and pleasantly surprising with its capabilities. Ideal for home needs.

  • classic appearance of the body, made in the style of minimalism, without any surplus;
  • two control modes, manual and automatic;
  • low electricity consumption;
  • high efficiency dry pump;
  • high degree of reliability;
  • due to its compact dimensions, the device is very convenient to store, it does not take up much space;
  • vacuum level up to 80%;
  • length of the soldered plank.
  • problem with the purchase of consumables;
  • the package includes a small number of packages;
  • the price with all the discounts remains quite high.


The best vacuum packer of a rating - from the Besservakuum company. The perfect solution for homework.Fans of long-term storage of fresh fruits and vegetables will be able to appreciate the cost of the device, which is 8562 rubles. In this top, this model is most affordable. Its characteristics also deserve separate consideration. The main features of the model are ergonomics, high functionality and very simple control of the mechanical panel. Evacuation occurs by “pressing one button”.

Another great feature is the possibility of packaging in vacuum corrugated bags (rolls), as well as thermal bags for the molecular kitchen.


The device provides one year warranty service. The device reaches a power of 250 watts. The pump is able to pump out 13 liters of air in one minute, the length of the soldered strip is 330 mm. The final effect is 200 millibars of vacuum. Control only happens in automatic mode. The device is powered by a standard 220V outlet. A self-lubricating pump is installed in the vacuum sealer. The body is made of plastic technology ABS. The model is equipped with the ability to adjust the temperature of the soldered joint seam.

Fans of the modern "vacuum kitchen" will be happy to use thermopackages for cooking environmentally friendly and healthy dishes. Considering the cost, a vacuum sealer from a well-known manufacturer, Besservakuum, can be called the best solution for home use. The model has several unique features, while sold at the most affordable price. Reliable and easy solution for everyday tasks.

  • the most affordable price in the rating;
  • robust plastic housing;
  • the possibility of using thermal packs;
  • various models of consumables (corrugated bags, rolls);
  • high reliability;
  • classic design;
  • proven brand;
  • adjustable temperature of the sealed seam;
  • length of the soldered plank.
  • consumables need to be purchased separately and their price varies significantly depending on the retailer;
  • vacuum only up to 80%
  • mechanical control;
  • no manual mode.


Vacuum packer for the home is a reliable assistant in such an important and useful matter as preservation term freshness of food. This is a simple and easy-to-use device that can be purchased at a relatively affordable price. Some models are endowed with the option of supporting the sealing of thermal packs, but more often it depends on the manufacturer's brand. There are devices of various price and technical ranges on the market, so every buyer will find what he likes exactly.

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