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The steam generator is not a new invention, for a long time it has been widely heard by many. But only a few of them use it, possibly due to the fact that not everyone knows about its qualities. The versatility of the use of this device exceeds the limit: both for industrial and household purposes. To deal with this subject, we will try to study in more depth how and for what purposes the steam generator can be used.

Functional purpose of the steam generator

A steam generator is a unit that functionally resembles a steam generator in household irons (steam is emitted when water is heated under power pressure), although no external similarity is found. Constructive properties of the work: water is heated inside a special tank, and air jets come out in powerful blows through small openings.

It is worth noting that steam generators have disinfectant properties due to the high temperature of the steam.

 Steam generator cleaning

The list of performance qualities is diverse.

  1. Cleaning and ironing clothes - with the help of a steamer it is very easy to reach hard-to-reach places, where it is impossible to get an iron. Removing stains and removing unpleasant odors is done without the use of aggressive chemicals - this is very convenient for delicate fabrics, and things that cannot be washed in a machine (coats, for example).
  2. Cleaning furniture, carpets, curtains. Here, the steam generator acts as heavy artillery, because cleaning large items is a labor-intensive matter. Furniture for some easier to change than to get rid of pollution. Cleans the curtains on the spot, do not have to remove them, eliminates the need for export and removal of carpets, all work is done at home, at a convenient time. In addition, it eliminates household items from dust mites, and this is an important factor for allergy sufferers, families with children.
  3. Removal of deposits, stains, dust, dirt from various hard surfaces: tile on the floor and walls, wall panels, ceiling coverings, household appliances.It is very convenient with the help of steam cleaners in the kitchen to get rid of adhered fat on stoves, hoods, inside microwave ovens, ovens, and to clean the joints between tiles and sinks.
  4. Car wash they also use steam generators: for deep cleaning of salons, chrome parts, body elements, with oil stains covered with dust.

 Steam generator at the car wash

Your imagination can suggest other ways of use, ranging from washing floors, windows, to facilitating the removal of wallpaper.

Operating rules

Using a steam generator is no more difficult than using an ordinary iron. How to do it right?

  1. In the capacity for water we fill specified in Operating Instructions volume of fluid.
  2. We turn on the device in the network and wait for it to be ready for work - it will give a special signal.
  3. Bring the device to the surface to be processed, and press the steam button.

Since steam is produced when boiling water, from time to time you need to refuel. This should also be done as carefully as possible, so as not to scald with hot air, because in the tank it is under pressure and when the lid is opened there is a release.

During the operation of steam generators, however, like many other electrical devices, a clear safety compliance:

  • use in the premises, you must avoid falling precipitation;
  • it is necessary to work so that hot jets of steam do not fall on open parts of the body (boiling temperature is 100 degrees C), with careless handling, the risk of burn increases;
  • do not use the appliance with wet hands;
  • it is forbidden to clean the steam generator under running water;
  • follow the timely cleaning of the brushes (the holes in them should not be clogged).

 Steam Generator Operation

Choosing an effective device

To know what to look for when buying, you need to consider the following criteria.

  1. Dimensions of the device. If you plan to use in household needs, choose a small steam generator - its maneuverability and small dimensions are a plus for our apartments.
  2. Vapor pressure - efficiency and time of cleaning depend on the power output of the air flow. Some devices are equipped with a regulator.
  3. Capacity - depending on the capacity varies heating time (the more, the longer).Tanks with an average capacity (1.2-1.5 liters) are most convenient: they work up to half an hour without topping up the liquid, heating occurs in five to seven minutes.

The water used in the steam cleaner must be boiled, distilled or filtered.

 Water for steam generator

The package includes steam generators various brushes and nozzlesEach is intended for a specific application:

  • extended nozzle for cleaning hard-to-reach places;
  • brush head for a wide range of applications: cleaning dust and dirt from carpets, furniture, windows, mirrors, glass, floors;
  • nozzle brush to remove stains (it is more rigid than others);
  • small brushes for chrome products;
  • brushes covered with a cloth for cleaning floors and windows;
  • spray gun for cleaning plants.

For help in cleaning the house, the steam cleaner is not only a convenient and practical thing, but even irreplaceable. Housewives will appreciate the effectiveness of his work.

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