We repair the electromeat grinder with our own hands

Electrical Assistant today is very popular and in high demand among Russian buyers. Despite the high-quality manufacturing and high reliability in operation, electrical appliances tend to break down over time. Many breakdowns can be fixed at home, so we will tell you in detail about the repair of the electric meat grinder, which can be easily done with your own hands.

 Meat grinder Mulinex

Typical faults

It doesn't matter what kind of meat grinder you have - Kenwood, Zelmer or Moulinex, each of them has its own nuances, but all the faults are pretty typical. Specialists in repairing electric meat grinders have compiled such a register of the main problems encountered in these products:

  • violation of various contacts of the electrical circuit;
  • deformation of the rotor of the engine;
  • gear teeth breakage of the gearbox - arises due to increased load;
  • motor malfunctions, brush wear limit;
  • wear of the cutting tool due to the processing of too stringy meat, the ingress of small bones due to the user's oversight;
  • breakage of keys, safety devices;
  • damage to insulation, power cord;
  • Replacing the motor or rewinding it.

Many failures of reliable technology occur due to operating conditions violations and only a few - factory marriage or the human factor in the assembly.

Causes and solutions

If any malfunction occurs, it is necessary to immediately make a diagnosis in order to find out the cause and localize the damage. Inspection of the mechanical part of the product is made visually, and electrical circuits are checked with special devices. If a visual inspection of all parts of the mechanical part did not give a positive result, then you need to dismantle the product and inspect the gearbox, electric motor. May have happened grease clogging rubbing parts, bearings do not work correctly, they need to be replaced.

Timely diagnosis allows you to identify and eliminate faults at an early stage of their development, which significantly extends the life of the entire product.

Let us consider in detail the faults of the meat grinder and methods for their correction.

  1. The engine does not reach the set speed - the reason may be switch breakage or the engine itself. Replace worn mechanisms or electric motor.
  2. There are interruptions in the drive operation - extreme wear graphite brushes, you need to install new ones.
     Brush wear

  3. Extraneous sounds, smell of burning during the work of the product - engine malfunction. To restore it, diagnostics, repair, or complete replacement are necessary. However, the cost of replacing the engine is quite high - it will be more profitable to purchase a new meat grinder and solve the problem.
  4. The reason for the appearance of sounds unusual for normal operation of the meat grinder may be bearingsthat wear during operation. To confirm the diagnosis, it is necessary to disassemble the main body of the product, get to the place of their installation and check the rotation, if necessary, then make a replacement.

  5. Lowering the speed of the electric motor - overload, the supply of food is too fast, the grinder does not have time to grind them. This problem is especially susceptible to the model Kenwood mg. Reduce the dosage of feed, and everything is normalized.
  6. No shaft rotation - seizes gearbox gear. Perhaps one of the gears is broken or its teeth need replacing.
     Gearbox gear
  7. Stopped auger products. If at the same time the engine works as before, then turn off the meat grinder and dismantle its mechanical part in order to find out the reason.

In the latter case, there are several reasons for the occurrence of such an unusual failure: incorrect assembly of the gearbox, turning the motor shaft, breaking the teeth of the pinion gear, and very rarely licking the joint with the auger shaft (erasing the hexagon).

On a note! The inconsistency of the metal part leads to its failure during ultimate load.

If the hex receiver, where the auger shaft is inserted, is made by mistake from a softer metal, it will quickly flare up during operation, or its edges will be ground, tight contact will be broken. The same can happen with the auger tip. It is difficult to repair a grinder with such problems with your own hands; the help of professional repairmen of similar equipment is required.


Terms of use

In order for the electric meat grinder to please you with its excellent work for a long time, you need to follow some simple guidelines for proper operation:

  • before starting work always carefully check the assembly and reliable fixation of all parts;
  • Special attention should be paid to the contact of the cutting tool and the grid - they should fit tightly, the fixing nuts should be tightened with force;
  • cut the product into piecesnot exceeding the diameter of the loading cylinder, in order to avoid their getting stuck;
     Meat and minced meat

  • disassembling, cleaning and washing all parts and internal volume of the grinder after each use;
  • store all parts of the mechanical part of the product only when disassembled.

Special attention! Before processing meat and fish, it is necessary to free them from bones, remove large veins, make sure that small bones that can damage knives do not get inside the product.

Do not turn on the meat grinder without loading, do not try to push the jammed pieces of the product with your hands - there is a special pusher for this, never overload it. If you thoroughly fulfill all the requirements, then the product will work flawlessly all the time assigned to it by the manufacturer, and she will not need repair with her own hands.

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Helena / December 4, 2017 at 12:04

Tell me please, the auger is not pulled out of the Moulinex meat grinder. What should I do?


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