Review of the best models of TVs in 2018

In 2018, more stringent technological requirements were made for television panels. This is due to the update of the current generations on the market, as well as with the approach of the “4K era” - a high-definition format, which analysts expect, in the near future, should be pressed by the current UHD.

Leading manufacturers

Comparison of the most popular brands of manufacturers of TVs allows you to select market leaders. Top 5 brands is as follows.

  1. Samsung. The corporation needs no introduction. "Samsung" has production in many countries of the world, including and in Russia. The company has established an entire retailer and dealer network, with the help of which it is engaged in the promotion of its products. Samsung models can be found in almost any electronics store.Recognized world leader in the market of televisions and other household appliances.
  2. Lg. Another reliable Korean brand. The company “ElGI” is known to the domestic consumer since the mid-90s of the last century, when the equipment entered the Russian market. Televisions of this brand are distinguished by durability and high technical characteristics.
  3. Sony. Brand for those who appreciate comfort and elegance. The company "Sony" is the embodiment of elegance and style. The equipment of this manufacturer has always been famous for its quality. Sony TVs are in steady demand and have their fans all over the CIS.
  4. Panasonic. Brand with a long and rich history. Buying equipment brand "Panasonic", you can be sure that the acquisition will be successful. The manufacturer can very successfully combine the balance of quality and reasonable price in their products.
  5. Phillips. The brand, once born in France, has now grown into an international corporation. Phillips TVs are relatively inexpensive, but at the same time they have an impressive set of technical characteristics inherent in a high class of devices.

This review of manufacturers helps to understand which brand of TV is better to choose. But each brand has a huge variety of models, among which there are both successful ones and not so much. Below will be considered the ten best TV models for which high demand is expected in 2018.

10. Samsung UE40MU6100U

In tenth place is located one of the most recognizable brands today. Samsung, the manufacturer of the model in question, has released an attractive device with an impressive range of features. The cost of the TV 34300 p. The type of display on the screen - LCD. The screen diagonal is 40 inches or 102 cm. The aspect ratio is standard for HD, 16: 9. The maximum resolution is 3840x2160r. The main advantage of this model is that it is ready to play 4K format - in other words, it has an impressive margin of relevance. Along the perimeter of the case, from the ends, there is a LED LED-backlight. On the right and left sides are speakers that output stereo. The frame refresh rate is 100 Hz. There is a currently popular feature Smart TV.

 Samsung UE40MU6100U

The operating system is Tizen - software from Samsung, originally developed by the corporation in 2010 and introduced into some phones. Pleasantly surprised by the viewing angle, which is here equal to 178 degrees.There is a progressive scan. The TV supports a huge number of formats, and also has the most current collection of video codecs with the ability to update them with software. The audio decoder supports Dolby Digital. Gadget can burn video to flash drive on and off after a specified time. The case is attached to the wall on the bracket or mounted on a stand. Weight 7.7 without stand and 8.7 assembly.

  • excellent picture quality;
  • a wealth of settings;
  • convenient interface;
  • strong fastening;
  • energy efficiency;
  • multiple inputs for different formats;
  • availability of light sensor;
  • you can control the voice;
  • there is Wi-Fi;
  • price;
  • no bracket included;
  • no 3D.

Prices Samsung UE40MU6100U:

9. LG 43LJ594V

The ninth place in the rating of televisions belongs to the model from "ElG". This unit is sold at a price of 25,900 rubles. Reasonable and tempting price tag is not fraught with pitfalls, and the first impression is far from deceptive. In front of us is a truly modern and technological LCD TV. 43 inches blend beautifully with a 16: 9 scan, delivering high picture quality. Resolution in FHD format helps to enjoy modern television and streaming services, transmitting bright and rich colors. Along the perimeter of the case there is a backlight. TFT IPS screen matrix type. Two front speakers provide stereo sound.

 LG 43LJ594V

But the frequency of updating the image on the screen is much lower than that of the model presented above - only 50 Hz. However, this difference is almost imperceptible to the eye, and it can only make itself felt in a very oversaturated frame.

Of course, the model is equipped with "smart television", only acts on standard webOS operating system. The viewing angle is standard, 178 degrees with progressive scan of the screen. The number of codecs and audio format Dolby Digital allows you to talk about high quality playback of media files. The total weight of the device is 8.1 kg, without a stand, exactly 8 kg. The device is equipped with the option Picture Mastering Index 1000 Hz.

  • price;
  • appearance;
  • convenient interface;
  • the current set of codecs;
  • dimensions;
  • color rendition;
  • two TV tuners;
  • child protection and functional timer;
  • Wi-Fi availability.
  • 50 Hz frame refresh rate response;
  • equipment;
  • no 4K.

Prices LG 43LJ594V:

8. Akai LES-42X84WF

To choose the best TV, you should pay attention to one of the oldest manufacturing companies - "Akay".This brand was widely represented in Russia at the turn of the 90s and 2000s. A lot of players who came to the multimedia market, shifted "Akay" in the middle niche segment. Today the brand is gaining popularity again thanks to its modest pricing policy. The model is offered for purchase at a price of 20510 rubles. If we consider that the manufacturer itself does not apply to third-tier brands, the proposal seems very tempting.

Its main characteristics are: LCD screen type, 42-inch diagonal, 16: 9 aspect ratio, FHD resolution, LED backlight, stereo sound (NICAM), frame refresh rate 50 Hz. A feature of this TV is the operating system: the model is based on Android, which distinguishes it from the competitors described above. First of all, the OS from "Google" gives unlimited access to the store of applications that can be installed on the TV. This makes the device more functional, adding new features to it, which it can be deprived of "out of the box." The viewing angle is 176 degrees, and the pixel response time is 9.5 ms. The screen is equipped with progressive scan. The device has an internal memory of 4 GB.The body color is black, there is a bracket for the bracket. The weight of the model is 7.34 kg in curb condition.

  • quality from a proven brand;
  • price;
  • reliability;
  • attractive design;
  • good screen;
  • pixel response time;
  • OS "Android";
  • There is a connector under the "SCART"
  • built-in memory.
  • color saturation (faint picture in some places);
  • equipment;
  • viewing angles;
  • frame refresh rate.

Prices Akai LES-42X84WF:

7. BBK 42LEX-5026 / FT2C

Top-10 continues the model from a reliable manufacturer of TV "BBK". Contrary to popular belief, as if this brand produces only budget equipment, it is worth noting that the entire line of TV models looks very attractive. The excellent picture here is combined with an affordable price, and the build quality with the current technological filling. The cost of the device is 20260 rubles. This LCD panel has a diagonal of 107 cm and a 16: 9 format. Resolution is standard, FHD.

Today, almost all LED TVs are equipped with progressive backlightThis model is no exception. Stereo sound is realized through two front speakers. The refresh rate of a frame is 50 Hz. The operating system "Android" installed on the TVallows you to implement the function of Smart TV in full. The viewing angle is standard, 176 degrees, there is a progressive scan of the screen. There is wireless Internet and 3.5 mm headphone jack. Independent TV tuner is only one, but there is a built-in memory of 4 GB. The hull color is dull black, curb weight is 8.8 kg.

For the convenience of connecting various devices in the slot compartment there is a SCART connector.

The device can be installed on a flat horizontal surface, or fixed on the wall, but this will require a bracket.

  • the appearance of the model;
  • cost;
  • support for multiple codecs;
  • durability;
  • functionality;
  • convenient management;
  • OS "Android";
  • dimensions;
  • good sound.
  • color palette;
  • equipment;
  • response time to the command from the console.

Prices BBK 42LEX-5026 / FT2C:

6. Thomson T40D21SF-01B

The best budget option for those who prefer not to chase advertising and brands. Thomson produces mid-range and entry-price TVs, and they all have a ton of advantages. The price of the model in question is exactly 18 thousand rubles. The 40-inch LCD panel has a 16: 9 diagonal and supports FHD with resolutions up to 1920x1080p.There is a traditional LED backlight with stereo sound. The frame refresh rate remained unchanged at 50 Hz. Viewing angle pleasantly surprised - 178 degrees, which is the best indicator in comparison with competitors. The response of the pixel is 6.5 ms, there is a progressive scan of the screen.

 Thomson T40D21SF-01B

A little pumped up the stand: its weight is as much as 2.5 kg, which is quite a lot.

The set of codecs is standard, the most current formats are currently supported, and if necessary the distribution kit can be updated. Independent TV tuner for two, there is a bracket for the bracket. The curb weight of the device is 9.9 kg. The nest compartment is equipped with all necessary inputs, incl. and for connecting headphones. In general, it is a balanced and reliable model that will suit a wide range of users. TV can be used as a second device in the house, in the kitchen or in the bedroom. The most important advantage of "Thomson" is an affordable price.

  • price;
  • reliability;
  • dimensions;
  • ease of use;
  • pixel response;
  • good codec support;
  • many connectors for connecting various devices;
  • design.
  • no wifi;
  • equipment;
  • weight.

Prices Thomson T40D21SF-01B:


The review continues with a model from Telefunken. This brand produces affordable televisions for a long time. Many buyers know Telefunken as a reliable company that produces high-quality equipment at an affordable price. The considered device is sold at a price of 18,480 rubles. The LCD panel has a diagonal of 42.5 inches, 16: 9 format. FullHD support with a resolution of 1920x1080 p, it allows to transmit high picture quality even at low quality of the source material. Standard LED backlighting around the perimeter of the device is well combined with stereo sound, which is implemented through two powerful front speakers.


Frames are updated at a frequency of 50 Hz. Viewing angles are standard, 176 degrees. Pixel response within 8 ms. Not spared this model and the presence of a progressive scan of the screen. Stereo sound served in NICAM format. The number of channels 599 pieces, there is teletext. All the latest video and audio codecs are supported. In addition to HDMI, there is a USB input. There is only one TV tuner, but this is quite enough. The color of the case is black, the device can be mounted on the wall. TV weighs 8 kg. The model makes a pleasant impression, it can be recommended for purchase to everyone,who is considering a budget solution for home.

  • affordable price;
  • reliability;
  • convenient remote control;
  • good appearance;
  • stylish stand;
  • dimensions;
  • pixel response (good motion transmission);
  • full FHD;
  • no wifi;
  • no internal memory;
  • color palette (picture is not juicy enough).


4. Erisson 55LES70T2

Most buyers prefer to choose by quality and price. Erisson TVs fully meet both criteria, being high-quality and at the same time affordable products. The cost of the device is 34200 rubles. The LCD panel has a diagonal of 55 inches (140 cm). The 16: 9 format has a FHD resolution of 1920x1080 p. LED backlight with patented Edge LED technology allows you to enjoy a warm and voluminous image. The sound is derived from two productive speakers placed at the ends of the device. The frame is updated with a frequency of 50 Hz, which is a worthy indicator.

 Erisson 55LES70T2

Viewing angles of 178 degrees, and that’s enough to watch TV from virtually anywhere in the room. The pixel response is 9 ms. Of course, the model has a progressive scan screen.

Unlike more expensive models, this device provides sound correction through the NICAM format. There is also a “surround sound” option.

Support for various formats at a very decent level, incl. and "automatic volume control(AVL). One TV tuner and the possibility of mounting on the wall allow us to consider this model as an auxiliary, second device. The weight of the device is 14 kg, the case is matte black.

  • affordable price;
  • many settings;
  • ease of use;
  • reliability;
  • viewing angle;
  • full function Sleep;
  • can be mounted on the wall;
  • support of current formats;
  • protection from the child.
  • no internal memory;
  • no wireless module;
  • heavy.

Prices Erisson 55LES70T2:

3. Panasonic TX-43DR300ZZ

Three leaders open TV from "Panasonic", which can be compared with higher-end models for the filling and budget solutions for the price. The cost of the device is 22,990 rubles. 43-inch LCD TV, 16: 9 aspect ratio with FHD resolution. There is an advanced LED backlight and stereo sound. The refresh rate of the screen is 50 Hz - here the device is no surprise. But the viewing angle is very good, 178 degrees. Progressive scan is implemented as productively as possible. The package of codecs inspires respect for the manufacturer: all modern, even very rare media file formats are supported.

The remote control has a timer function and teletext. No Wi-Fi module, but there is a full 3.5 mm headphone input. The TV is equipped with only one TV tuner, but this is enough for comfortable use. Function delayed shutdown timer also implemented and displayed on the remote control. Dimensions allow, without additional operations, to place the device on any flat and stable horizontal surface. The device turned out affordable, functional and will be of interest to many consumers of the domestic market.

  • price;
  • functionality;
  • quick work from the remote control;
  • screen contrast;
  • good pixel response;
  • there is teletext;
  • low power consumption;
  • design;
  • two 20 watt speakers.
  • no wifi;
  • equipment;
  • color spectrum.

Prices Panasonic TX-43DR300ZZ:

2. Philips 40PFT4101

The second place is occupied by the Phillips brand. To compare the TVs of this manufacturer with more affordable brands simply does not make sense, because the comparison will not be in favor of the latter. The model that takes part in today's rating is considered to be one of the most affordable, and even BBK and Telefunken with their LCD panels give way to it.TV will cost 17,499 rubles. Screen size 102 cm, standard format, 16: 9. There should be no questions about resolution either - here it is FHD.

LED backlighting copes with its tasks: it is a continuation of the screen, blurring its contours and enhancing the effect of reality on the screen.

Two front speakers provide stereo sound (NICAM format), and comfortable viewing angles and the presence of progressive scan only emphasize the “noble” origin of the device. The codec pack can be updated, but even out of the box it is able to play almost any multimedia formats. To connect various devices in the socket compartment there is SCART connector. One active TV tuner provides stable reception of a television signal both from a common antenna and from a cable repeater. The body is made of high-quality black plastic, with the possibility of mounting on the wall. The curb weight of the device is 7 kg.

  • price;
  • housing quality;
  • juicy picture;
  • viewing angles;
  • sound;
  • dimensions;
  • light;
  • many settings;
  • functional slot compartment with the ability to connect various devices;
  • equipment;
  • no 4K;
  • no wifi;

Prices Philips 40PFT4101:

one.Sony KDL-40RE353

The best TV of today's rating from the company Sony, known to most domestic users. The considered model starts with a price tag of 25,350 rubles. The LCD panel boasts a completely standard diagonal of 102 cm and a classic aspect ratio of FHD format (16: 9). LED backlighting and stereo sound complete the overall picture of a modern multifunctional TV. The refresh rate of the screen 50 Hz, progressive scan is present. The speakers work in the format of DTS, Dolby Digital. The number of supported formats is difficult to calculate, it is easier to call the one that this device is not able to reproduce.

 Sony KDL-40RE353

A pleasant surprise will be the support format Motionflow XR100 Hz. Another bonus is the availability of 24p True Cinema support.

The body is made in black color, the material is black glossy plastic. On the side there is a headphone jack. The weight of the device is 6.9 kg in running order. The nest compartment is equipped with all necessary inputs and outputs. Present on the remote sleep timer and child protection. TV can record video to a flash drive.In general, the device turned out affordable and functional enough. Sony fans will be able to appreciate the presence of two proprietary proprietary options that are not found in the closest competitors.

  • price;
  • quality from a famous brand;
  • support of all current formats;
  • stylish design;
  • bright screen;
  • convenient management;
  • the ability to record TV shows;
  • dimensions.
  • no wifi;
  • no internal memory;
  • equipment.

Prices Sony KDL-40RE353:


The best TVs are connected with a few simple things: the quality and reliability of the gadget, the current technological basis, usability and the availability of additional options for a reasonable fee. If all these items are successfully combined in one model, you should study it in more detail, go to the store and see for yourself the quality of the picture that the screen is able to provide. Of course, one should not forget about comparison with competing models: they are trying to add an option to their products that may not be in the model they like. Based on these simple rules, you can choose a reliable modern TV, whose technical component will be relevant not only in 2018, but also to have a certain margin for several years to come.

The current trend of the next 3-5 years can be called the widespread introduction of 4K technology (high resolution).

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