Choosing a wall electrofireplace

Not so long ago, only owners of country houses and cottages could acquire a fireplace. The inhabitants of the city apartments could only envy them. And the matter is not only in the complexity of the work itself, but also in the requirements of fire safety. The emergence of modern electric fireplaces literally revolutionized the design of interiors. Wall-mounted electric fire now can be found in a normal city apartment. Even the owners of their own homes have appreciated the new fashion trends.

What is an electric fireplace

The appearance of the electric fire may be completely different from the usual hearth with open fire - also realistically flickering coals and smoldering firewood. This effect allows to achieve the use in the design of halogen lamps, fabric, blown by the built-in fan. Full three-dimensional imitation.The effect of the presence of built-in mirrors that reflect the light from the lamps.

 Wall mounted electric fire with imitation of live fire

Electrofireplaces, often possess a whole set additional functions, many of which are simply not available to their classic predecessors. Different models can show pictures and photos, play music, have the ability to remote control, adjust the heating of the room according to a given program.

The main advantages

Installing a real wood fireplace, more often than not, can turn into an unsolvable task, and not in every living room this is possible in principle. It will require a redevelopment project, obtaining permits from such departments as the fire inspection, directorate of a single customer, architectural management, for carrying out under the roof and bringing it to the facade of the pipe, coordination with public utilities. It also requires the installation of a floor made of non-combustible materials, a supply of firewood, constant care and constant monitoring of compliance with fire safety, since open fire is always a source of increased danger, both for property and for life.

Electrofireplaces have a lot of advantages in comparison with monolithic brick structures.There is no need to redevelop, do not need permissions and coordination with various authorities. It is not required to clean the chimney and stock up with wood and coal. It is enough to wipe off the dust during regular cleaning.

 Wall mounted electric heater

The wall flat fireplace, as a rule, has the compact sizes and practically does not take the place indoors. In conditions of limited space is a huge advantage. It can be easily transferred from place to place, outweighed from one wall to another, installed in any part of the room, embedded in an item of interior or furniture. It will decorate any room, study or bedroom, dining room or living room. It can become not only an integral part of any design decision, but also carry out quite practical tasks. Such as heating, replacement of the lighting device, creating a cozy atmosphere of the presence of the hearth.

Electrofireplaces, including, and wall, differ enviable economy.

Therefore, you can arrange fireplaces of different sizes in different rooms of your house, according to your preferences. Manufacturers' rulers are so diverse in shapes and dimensions that they satisfy the wishes of any buyer.

 Electric fireplace with lighting function


What you should pay attention to first is power device, especially if you use the device to heat the room. Usually the power of electric fireplaces vary. from 1 to 2 kilowatts, depending on the model and mode of use. This should be enough to heat the room, measuring about 20 square meters. If the fireplace is equipped with a temperature sensor, then you can pre-program the desired temperature in the room. It is even easier to make adjustments to the behavior of the device if there is a remote control in the kit.

The appearance of the wall fireplace, its shape and size should be determined by the design decision.

Since high resistance to fire is not required, the range of materials used for its manufacture is currently very wide: metal, glass, plastic, wood, and even stone. Their combination and combination allows you to create a wide variety of options that can satisfy the most daring design ideas. Traditional rectangular shapes often replace round, oval or embossed.

 Exquisite Electrical Station

The number of ways to simulate an open fire is also quite diverse. A static picture, alternate demonstration of photos, a full three-dimensional imitation, which is visually indistinguishable from the languages ​​of a real flame.

Before buying, you must decide for yourself exactly what features you want to get from this device.

As already mentioned, the fireplace can be used as a night light. In this case, you should pay attention to the possibility of adjusting the backlight, the presence of a timer and the possibility of remote control.

To experience the full aesthetic pleasure, pay attention to the function sound accompaniment. The crackle of burning coals or the sounds of nature, such as the sound of rain or wind, the singing of birds, will create the right atmosphere for your holiday.


Wall-mounted electric fireplaces can usually be installed using direct mounting to the wall, or embedded in the interior details. To ensure safety, the fireplace must be installed securely.

For mounting on the wall most often used special mounting plate, which comes with the device or purchased separately in the shops of fasteners. An important role in choosing the mounting option is played by the wall material. So for brick and concrete walls, it is enough to drill holes in the right places and fix the mounting bar with dowels.

 Wall mounted fireplace in interior details

If the material of the place of attachment is drywall, then you need to be careful when installing, since the weight of some models of fireplaces can reach more than 20 kilograms.

In this case, the role of the power element is performed by a wooden bar, and the mounting bar is attached directly to it. The choice of dowels, anchors and screws should ensure the strength of the structure.

Plasterboard is commonly used to build in an electric fireplace. At the stage of repair, an interior detail is made with a niche for the device, and then the space around it can be decorated with any decorative elements: from plastic panels, glass and tiles, to natural marble. Sometimes you can see the implementation chimney imitationwhich is also possible to perform with the help of various materials.

 Chimney imitation

Connecting an electric heater to the electrical network may require laying a separate wiring. The width of the wire cross-section is calculated based on the power of the device, and it is safer to entrust this work to an experienced electrician. The wires themselves should be hidden from prying eyes in order not to spoil the overall impression with their appearance.

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces are not recommended to be placed near strong light sources.This may affect image quality. A good location for them is space away from windows and lamps.

The heat generated by the device can be dangerous for TVs. Do not place it above the fireplace.

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