Features built-in electric fireplaces

Not bad decorative, and sometimes the heating function in modern apartments can be implemented built-in electric fireplaces. Such devices have several advantages compared with their real prototypes, are easy to install and, depending on the model, may have a reasonable price.

Installation options

Of course, of all the models of electric foci, the most realistic in the interior is the built-in version. In this case, the device can be integrated with several options:

  1. Create a recess in the wall and install the unit there.
  2. Mount the niche near the wall or in the corner and insert the device into it.
  3. Purchase a ready-made decorative portal where you can insert an electric fireplace.

 Electrofireplace built into recess in the wall

Of course, each of the options fits for certain cases, as a stand-alone portal takes up the area of ​​the room, and creating a niche in the wall can be difficult and be a very expensive process.

However, no matter what option is chosen, you can always competently enter the electric hearth into the interior of the room, making it in the appropriate style.

Types of electrical foci

The electrofireplaces which are built in in any way can be different types. Depending on the size, allocate small, medium and large units. When choosing this criterion, the following rule applies: the smaller the room, the smaller the unit.

Depending from basic functions There are the following built-in models of electric fireplaces:

  • Cassette (without heating function, only visual effect).
  • Heating.
  • Combined (heating effect + imitation of the flame).

 The combined option of the built-in electrofireplace

Depending on its type, the device can consume about 200 watts per hour only if there are visual effects and about 2 kW per hour using the heating function.

Flame image can also be done in two ways:

  • Multimedia (using the LED screen).
  • Steam (highlight steam, which behaves like a flame).

 Electrofireplace with steam

Steam electrofireplaces look more realistic, but multimedia may have additional features, such as sound. With multimedia image

Depending on its size and price emit open and closed embedded electrical foci. At the same time, they can be closed with a grill or thermal glass, which almost does not heat up during operation of the device.

By way of managementselect models with manual, console and automatic control. Some models have a timer and different time modes.

Additional functions

In addition to the decorative and heating functions, electro foci may have additional, very attractive abilities:

  1. The device can play audio imitation burning logs or any other music chosen by the owners of this wonderful device.
  2. Some models can produce steam imitating smokehowever, such steam is completely safe and leaves no traces. You can add a smell to this steam by choosing the appropriate liquid.
  3. For fireplaces with built-in heating sometimes used fan for even distribution of heat around the room.
  4. Some of the most modern models can boast of having temperature control and brightness of the picture. Very comfortable in the summer to admire the bright flame. And in winter, bask in artificial fire of muted flowers.

 Electric hearth with adjustable brightness

In addition to all this, devices can have functions of humidification, purification and ionization of air.

Of course, the price of such devices increases significantly, and therefore you should think about the profitability of acquiring a device with such an additional set of functions.

Registration of an electrofireplace

It is also possible to design the built-in electric center in different ways. If the fireplace is installed in the wall, then the size of the niche must be clearly coordinated with the dimensions of the device so that there are no gaps that would spoil the whole picture.

If the device is inserted into the portal, then you can purchase a finished structure in the store. Consultants in the shopping centers will prompt you what model of the device will fit the specific ready-made portal. This will provide an opportunity to visualize the final result.

 Ready portal for a fireplace

If the niche will be performed independently, then you can realize all your bold ideas and create a unique design of the unit. Fireplace niches are usually made of the following materials:

  • drywall;
  • tree;
  • metal;
  • a rock;
  • ceramics;
  • plastic.

The most common option is drywallIt is from this cheap material that one can create a unique composition. But the special heat-resistant plastic also decorates the design in an original way.

Installation of built-in electrical station

The most pleasant thing when using an electric fireplace is easy installation. It is enough only to create a recess for its placement and to provide for the possibility of connecting the device to the power grid.

  Installation of built-in electric fireplace

However, do not forget about security: before using this device, you must check the condition of the wiring.

We should not forget about framing the unit materials, they must be non-flammable and heat resistant.

The built-in electric fire is an excellent decorative and functional solution for a modern home. Observing elementary safety rules, you can get the opportunity to watch almost lively fire and comfortably while away the evening with your family.

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